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Dear Dice Guys , I’m a big fan of Battlefield ,but BFV is for me just a Game Full of Frustration and Raging . These Reactions belong to different mechanics you introduced in BF1 and BFV . First of all ,I don’t want to sit 10 cm in front of my Monitor to Spot lying Supporters with their LMG Biped ,wich got zero recoil and no spread at all like a laser . I want at least to see them clearly . And want to have the possibility to spot them back . As well you should fix the Problem on diffrent maps that you can’t see the avatar when it is standing infront of most backgrounds , or lying in Bushes , or simply lying on the ground . In BF1 it is Hard ,but In BFV it is impossible to spot a supporter lying on devastation hamada or The Pazifik maps in holes 2m next to you and kill them . So I would please you to let the soldier be soldier and the map to be map . Aswell I would like it if you could stay by the battlefield modes who are prefered by the community (And please 🙏🏿don’t give Battleroyal a second Try that’s to much it’s enough if the normal Multiplayer is running and the weapons have a GOOD Balance and are diffrent . An other point are the maps . Since BF4 you try to get Rush on Conquest Maps which is /was most of the times NOT a good idea . In one game ,Star Wars Battlefront 1 you gave diffrent modes diffrent maps . That did function ! (You can easily play Cargo in SWBF ,but you can’t find Rush servers in BF1). And last but not least You Know what kind of Maps the community likes (in the vanilla BFV game wasn’t any map , where I was really lookin forward to . There were 3 that were good) (In BF1 I liked the maps cause they gave the gameplay more structure and weren’t that open) . I think the most played map in BF1 is (Amiens ) in Bf4 (Locker )in BF3 (Metro/Noshar ) so i would love to see in future BFs Close Quaters Map from the beginning . Aswell it woul be cool to get Content update regular, i understand you want to make money and I want to pay , but the premium sucks ,so I’d like to see a system like in Rainbow six ,That every player you are playing with has the posibility to play every Map with you . And please bring the CTE back .

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Dice i love your games ,and in every one of these i see that you have the ability to design a masterpiece I also love the gameplay movement in BFV and the gun mechanics (the lmgs excluded) But please give the Soldiers a higher Visibility


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