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Explaining And Visualizing The Strange Scaling in BF2042: It’s More Than Just The Player Models.


If you've been browsing this subreddit recently you may have come across a few posts such as this one by Namtrah22 pointing out how the scaling and distances in Battlefield 2042 seem weird and generally off.

Players who have noticed this weird scaling have generally pointed towards smaller player models as the culprit. However, this is not the full story.

When I first heard of this issue, I did not understand it. If ALL player models were smaller, then they shouldn't appear larger/smaller to players themselves as long as everything else was scaled appropriately. Player models would only appear smaller if the character model that YOU are actively playing was larger than the models of the players you are looking at. Not only that, if your player model was larger, you would be viewing the models of other players from an elevated perspective, which is not happening.

I have come up with this visual to demonstrate this:

All the Red Caspers appear in exactly the same relative position of the Green Caspers' FOV.

In the above image, you can see three setups involving a Green Casper looking at an Enemy Red Casper. These are scaled at 1x, 1.5x, and 2x respectively. In each setup, the Caspers are set up to be at exactly the same relative distance of 2 Casper heights from each other with the same FOV angle.

Why is this important? Because it demonstrates that it doesn't matter how much you scale a character model as long as the distance between them reflects that scaling. The Red Casper appears identically to the Green Casper at each scaled size because the static distance between them was also changed to compensate for the change in model size.

However, there appears to be evidence to contradict this in-game. This can be seen in

by Crash Games. In this video, Crash Games shows at 1:50 that a player model that is 20m out in BFV is 74 pixels high, while a player model that is 20m out in BF2042 is 45 pixels high, both at 1080p.

How can this be possible given my above setups? My setups show that at the same relative distance, player models should take up the same amount of space in the FOV. How can they be different in-game if they are both 20m out from the player? It comes down to the actual, static distance between character models, not the "relative distance" between them.

Why does "relative distance" matter? Because the setup I showed above changes entirely if you use a static, unchanging distance measurement instead of a changing, relative one, as can be shown here:

At the same static distance, the smaller Caspers appear much farther away from each other.

In this setup, there is a simple line representing 10 meters that separates the two Caspers. In this scenario, the distance between the Caspers increases as the player models get smaller. It can be obviously seen that the larger Caspers appear much, much closer together than the smaller Caspers. If you were playing as the larger Green Casper, the Red Casper would appear much closer at 10m than if you were playing as the smaller Green Casper, in which case the Red Casper would appear much farther away.

This is what I believe has happened to the scaling between BFV and BF2042. I believe that the player models were scaled down, but the devs forgot to change the distance scaling from BFV to compensate for the model scaling in BF2042.

In simple terms, this means that distance measurements that are being shown to you by the game in BF2042 are significantly smaller than they should be. If we go by Crash Games' measurements, a meter in BF2042 is actually 1.64x longer than a meter in BFV.

This is why everything feels farther out. This is why it feels like engagements are farther out. Because they are, the UI of BF2042 is giving you incorrect measurements and making you think you're engaging at a distance that is much shorter than the distance you are actually engaging at

There are also some other factors which may be contributing to the feeling that engagements are happening farther out and that player models appear smaller:

  1. The map itself is much larger than normal, making long-range engagements happen much more often that they have in previous game.
  2. Wonkiness and bugs with magnified optics may be causing players to not get the proper magnification they are supposed to be getting, making enemies appear much farther away through their optics than they should be.
  3. Slower bullet travel time. I have seen a lot of people say that the sniper had very slow projectiles, and in my own experience the magnum also had rather slow projectiles that forced me to compensate my aim much more aggressively than I feel like I should have had to. If bullets travel slower, and players are thus forced to compensate their aim much more aggressively, it will make engagements feel like they are happening from farther away, as players would normally associate that level of aim compensation with longer-range engagements.
  4. Wonky/strange scaling of objects in the map itself. I've seen reports of some objects and doorways appearing mis-scaled compared to player models. I'm not sure how widespread this is, but objects that are bigger/smaller than one would expect them to be would of course add to the feelings of strange scaling in the game overall.

tl;dr: It appears that player models in BF2042 were scaled down, but the distance measurements were not. This means distance measurements in BF2042 are highly inaccurate relative to previous games, leading to the feeling that engagements are happening from farther away than normal and that player models appear smaller than they should be.

I hope this post gives some clarity as to why the scaling in BF2042 feels weird.

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