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For the love of all that is holy, please restore the old spawning system

Content of the article: "For the love of all that is holy, please restore the old spawning system"

We've all been there. That lovely experience during a push onto a point where you try and spawn in on a squadmate, except the game sucks you back out while you're phasing in. You try again confused, as your squadmate appears to be completely in the clear, and the same thing happens. You try one last time, furiously clicking on a DIFFERENT nearby squadmate that also appears to be completely in the clear, and a millisecond before you spawn in a bullet fires by him and you're sucked out yet again. He dies. Squad wipe. Defeated, you spawn on the closest point that you could have spawned on 30 seconds ago and the game places you 500ft away from the nearest firefight.


When the new spawn system was introduced, its reason for existence was so the game wouldn't spawn you in on someone getting shot, resulting in you both getting killed in the process. In-game, this meant if a player you were trying to spawn in entered an 'In Combat' state while you were phasing in, the game would suck you right back out. Cool. Noble. This works in theory, but in practice makes for an utterly miserable experience. The main problem with this mechanic, is that anything places a player 'In Combat'; Bullets fired at the player you're trying to spawn on. Bullets fired by the player. Bullets fired in the vicinity of the player. Bullets fired at the vicinity of your team. A butterfly flying overhead. A gust of wind.

It wouldn't even be that much of a problem, but compounding the issue is that the timer on the 'In Combat' state also runs too long. Even if no bullets are being fired by or at the player you're trying to spawn on, it takes about 5-7 seconds of inactivity before they are next spawnable. And the true cherry on top of this shit sundae, is that even if the combat is taking place on an entirely different floor directly above or below the player you're trying to spawn on, the game still considers them to be 'In Combat' and forces you to jump through the same hoops to spawnChef'skiss

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Was this 'feature' even tested? Anyone that's played Breakthrough (especially on the Attacking side) in the past two months should be able to attest to how comically broken this spawn system can be. It literally can swing sectors because you're unable to spawn close to a well-placed teammate to prevent or complement a push. And for what? Before this new spawn system, I used to die spawning on a teammate about once every 1-2 games. Annoying, but not a big deal. Now, I'll still die spawning onto a teammate about once every few games, yet now have to deal with the sequence at the top of my post at least 5 times per game. Per. Game. And if the map is heavily close-quarters, e.g. Operation Underground? Forget about it. I play mainly CQ friendly maps in Conquest and Breakthrough and this happens to me about once every few minutes. I would take the old spawn system back in a heartbeat, no questions asked, here take my shiny new Red Devil beret as payment.

I recall mention in the patch notes when this change was rolled out, that if there were issues with it it could be hotfixed without a patch. i.e. ThE tEcH eXiSts. Well, there are issues.

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DICE pls… give us back the old system.


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