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Hamada Easter Egg

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Hello everyone I'm new, sorry for my English if it's wrong I'll try to be as clear as possible. (I wrote all this while playing so I was not paying much attention)

As you might know to get the skin Eidolon you have to do the "challenge" in Hamada you can find a few things, when you spawn on your right there will be a metal plate on the wall, on the top of a few towers there are bronze plates with stairs and buildings.

If you go to the left when you spawn, up the stairs you will find journals, shells that you can interact with and a phone in the middle, the journals are in French and they talk about the battle of la somme, Verdun and the Russian front and probably something more, let me know if you find something else.

One last thing, nearby the planes you can build an ammo station, near to it there is a rock that will "explode" and will make electric effects, Battlefield Theme will play for a short time and in 20/30 seconds the ammo thing will explode

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In the journals there are some symbols, I don't know what they mean or how to read them, it's probably the order to interact with the cannon shells

I found a dinosaur nearby the bridge and I got a text on the screen: "Sixteen eggs have found the way"

Or something like that: Sedici uova hanno trovato la strada In Italian

After you find the first dinosaur nearby the bridge get over to the ammo station near the planes and build it, try to find the next dinosaur.

Around the map there are some little houses, red white and black, they remind me of Norway maps.

Between 330 and 345 on the map you will find a "radio" station, might get connected to the phone or the radio station down stairs when you spawn

After you find the first dinosaur ner the bridge move to the desert, near the German spawn for strategic conquest, on the left road (If you spawn as German in a normal game mode) you will find a dinosaur, you have to move with a car or you will get killed.

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