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If Bad Company 3 will ever be made, where do you think it will be set?

Content of the article: "If Bad Company 3 will ever be made, where do you think it will be set?"

I was replaying some BFBC2 and was thinking about the cliffhanger, and what would happen next IF the series ever makes a return.

BFBC2 was unique in that the maps were set in the Americas; North American maps set in the Alaskan portion of US, while South American maps took place in Chile and Argentina.

BFBC1 is much more vague. The game probably starts off in Eastern Europe, and the rest of the game appears to be in the Caucasus, which is likely where the fictional country of Serderistan is. Either that or it’s across the Caspian with the rest of the -stan countries. As for the supposed Middle Eastern places like the Sadiz resort city, I’m guessing it’s in the northern Iran coast. MEC soldiers speak Arabic, so I’m guessing they’re the Arab speaking minority, though their flag is of Ba’athist Iraq, so maybe it’s an alt-reality of a successful Iraqi incursion of northwest Iran.

So with the series already taking place in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, then North and South America, I think the next hypothetical game locations could be:

The Far East: like if somehow the US and RU duke it out in northern Japan or China’s Heilongjiang province

Southeast Asia and Pacific islands: if the Chinese become a major faction like BF4, though that has already been done with the main title games

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Around India: I don’t think any Battlefield game has ever been here. There is a territorial dispute with China and India, so it’d make sense if China was a major faction in the game, with maps set in northern India

Sub-Saharan Africa: Battlefield has had maps in Northern Africa in the recent World War games, but the rest of Africa has never been used as a setting. May not tie into the Russo-American story, but I can see it as a setting for the Legionnaire or a new faction


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