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Info about the server situation

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:49:26 PM): Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Rudra, may I start with your first name please?

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:49:31 PM): David

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:50:18 PM): Hello David

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:50:32 PM): Nice to meet you. I can see that you contacted us regarding game servers not working?

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:50:57 PM): Do you guys aware that the servers in the game are not working for 30+hours now?

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:51:25 PM): I will surely look into the details.

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:51:30 PM): May I have your Email to locate the account?

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:51:41 PM):///////////////////////////////////////

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:51:49 PM): just look up on the reddit threads

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:52:14 PM): the game is not working for anyone for more than 30 hours now

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:52:33 PM): we want some details

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:53:25 PM): Thank you. Let me check.

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:53:55 PM): do that please

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:55:04 PM): David, it seems not only you, Many other players are not getting the option to join BF 5 servers. We are having many contacts regarding this. Just a moment, I'm checking with our internal Concerned team about this.

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:55:21 PM): While our Concerned Team is checking for the updates, Just out of concern, May I know which is your favorite Weapon?

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Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:55:49 PM): im liking the snipers in this game

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:55:54 PM): so the kar

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:56:13 PM): Ohh Great Choice!

Rudra (4/5/2021, 4:56:25 PM): So how long have you been playing this game?

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:57:42 PM): i just got a new pc last week so i can enjoy in 4k 60+fps

but about 200hours

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:57:55 PM): i didnt played much cuz my pc wasnt good at the time

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:58:02 PM): just wanted to try it now

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:58:21 PM): and i saw that everyone having a problem with the game for almost 2 days now

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 4:58:32 PM): and thats not great news

Rudra (4/5/2021, 5:00:23 PM): Well i have got an update for you!

Rudra (4/5/2021, 5:01:00 PM): Well as per our team, Firstly, You don't need to worry about anything as we are here to help you in every way possible.

Rudra (4/5/2021, 5:01:13 PM): Secondly, I want to tell you that it is a emerging/reported issue and many players are receiving this issue and this is due to a bug and our studio team is working on it to fix it.

Rudra (4/5/2021, 5:01:24 PM): There is some syncing issues on our back end and we apologize for it and I assure you that as soon as the issue is fixed then you will be able to connect to your account.

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Raguczky (4/5/2021, 5:02:52 PM): is there any date you can give me? like when can we expect to see the change?

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 5:03:00 PM): i mean we just wanna play the game

Rudra (4/5/2021, 5:03:20 PM): Well To be very honest with you about the time frame, The official turnaround time is subject to the queue, however I would not like to speculate a wrong time frame and give you any more hassle. The specialists are online and I am trying to get this done as early as we can.

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 5:03:57 PM): then thanks for your time for now

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 5:04:03 PM): hope its getting fixed soon

Rudra (4/5/2021, 5:04:41 PM): Thank you for understanding.

Rudra (4/5/2021, 5:04:42 PM): Can I help you with anything else today?

Raguczky (4/5/2021, 5:05:16 PM): thats all , thanks for the information


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