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It boggles my mind that DICE/EA have decided to go another year with no new game.

Content of the article: "It boggles my mind that DICE/EA have decided to go another year with no new game."

It would be one thing if BFV had been a resounding success and was holding a healthy playerbase, but I'll bet BF1 has almost the same player count these days. In the meantime, Activision will have released two Call of Duty games on their new engine, which, is not as good as BFV's engine overall, but definitely feels good and gives you that impactful feel on your guns.

Combined with the excellent campaign in Modern Warfare and BFV really starts to look bad. Considering this was billed as a "live service model" we really didn't get a lot. A few maps, some of which (many of which) were hugely disappointing. And two years of "game killing" Christmas patches, which was particulalry egregious this year when we had the incredible Pacific maps and then they take all the fun out of the game right before Christmas.

And let's talk about "live service". The game has a $60 entry fee and then every good cosmetic is locked behind an additional paywall. Compare this to Call of Duty, which, yes, has lots and lots of things locked behind their paywall, but also has a lot of free stuff. Including, their Season Pass, which was essentially free for game owners every season (buying the game awarded you 1000 CoD points which was enough to buy the pass, through the season you could earn >1000 CoD points, meaning you could always get the next pass if you played enough.) Compare this to BFV which had Boins you could only get with money and had no exchange rate with the entirely useless regular currency.

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All in all, I view BFV as a continuing failure showing that DICE doesn't really know what they're doing. BF4 (after the year 1 patch) was the peak of Battlefield for me and since then DICE has "streamlined" and reduced the content, number of weapons, and fun in their games. And yet somehow, even with so many fewer weapons, the gun balance feels far worse, especially considering how many of the newer weapons are practically carbon copies of weapons already in the game.

I'm cautiously hoping their next game (which will probably modern) will be better, with customization more like BF4, but I'm not sure DICE or EA really know what they're doing anymore. I don't think Call of Duty is as good, nor do I like their gunplay as much, but at least they're showing an effort to improve their engine and make a good player experience, I'm not really sure what DICE is doing anymore…

Edit: Downvote me all you want, the truth is this game hasn't improved at all really over two years and has bled players month after month.


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