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I’ve finally got this game working after buying at release. How disappointing.

Content of the article: "I’ve finally got this game working after buying at release. How disappointing."

So, long story short, I had stuttering problems like crazy. And extra 8gb of ram fixed this.I got the game on release but only really played at brief intervals due to this issue.

But, the game makes me sad. I've had every BF game since BF2 and this feels like the worst. The three big gripes i have;

  • Lack of custom servers. Bring me back the old days of sniper limits on a team, 1000 ticket servers and 24/7 maps. I'd be happy with a 1000 tick 24/7 rotterdam.

  • hacking – there seems to be an obscene amount of hackers. Im not talking 'gitgud' but blatant and obvious ones. Guy with k/d of 80 or 90 to 2 or 3 deaths in grand ops playing as recon or something. I had one yesterday who would always headshot you from any range, with a sniper, while running aswell. It was a joke

  • no HC mode – I used to love the HC mode in old bf games. Having to stick 7 or 8 rifle rounds into a target to drop them, or using almost a full clip of automatic fire gets weary sometimes. I wanna be able to drop people in 1 or 2 hits, and likewise, be dropped myself without feeling like terminator who can jsut spam C to get health back.

  • weapons – a lot of them feel like copy past. Because of the Meta, i'm yet to find a purpose for the support class using an MG. As soon as you start firing, you get nailed by one of the 19 recons on the enemy team because you're an easy prone headshot. The damage dealt by MG's also feels very poor in comparison to every other weapon. Maybe this is just me, but I dont see many other people using them either, except maybe the Ke7 because it can be shoulder fired ADS.

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Its the BF that feels closer to COD than any other previous BF which is a shame. It feels like an arcade version of BF. Even the vehicle handling feels like an arcade game. I'm not asking for Arma, but I just don't want this turning into another COD clone because that's not what we want. Even the vehicles feel and handle exactly the same as those in Ground War on COD.

Credit where it's due, I think the maps are quite good. probably better than BF1. Tbh every BF has one or two maps that just make me quit, but this isn't that bad on that front. I think the maps work well with the gameplay, and as someone who loves city combat, Rotterdam is a great map. I'd love to see a similar one with Arnhem, focused on Market Garden, with German and UK soldiers fighting for opposite ends of the bridge in a Grand Operation.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a terrible game, but it's nowhere near as fun as BF4 or of course, the holy grail – Bad Company 2.


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