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List of things that were removed in BF 2042

List of all the things that were cut (at least for now) from the BF2042 that appeared in the last BFs.

I don't want flame wars, I want honest opinions – what do you think about that? Do you think these features can be implemented in the future? Or do you prefer the game like this?

The list takes into account only the main game modes, not considering the portal mode, although most of the list is not present in it either.

Main Features:

• No Story / Campaign Mode

• No server browser

• Fewer game modes

• Fewer maps (Including portal mode, there are 13 in total)

• No continuous lobbies, need to do matchmaking again after every match

• Fewer Assignments

• Fewer character customization options

• No progress page in main menu

• No Battlelog/stat tracker from other players

• No global Leaderboards

• The progress of assigments are not shown at the end of each match

• No dog tags (Although they kind of still exist)

• No custom badges

• Fewer achievements

• No medals

• The music hardly changes when the game is nearing the end, it doesn't get more intense giving the feeling of victory/defeat next

• Less environment destruction (much less environment destruction).

• The levolution leaves something to be desired, and the maps are so large that the effects of levolution are practically non-existent.

• No shared menu, in old bfs you could launch others directly from the main menu

• No spectator mode

• No definitive community servers

Infantry Gameplay:

• Fewer weapons

• Fewer gadgets

• Cannot lean manually

• Cannot dive while swimming

• Cannot shoot while walking

• Can no longer jump over bigger walls

• Cannot run while crouching

• No back prone

• Explosions don't knock you down anymore

• It is no longer possible to do somersault after falling from high places to decrease damage

• You can no longer get ammo/life from teammates

• Can no longer calibrate scope

• No thermal sights

• No indirect fire gadgets

• Only one anti-tank launcher

• Only one anti-aircraft launcher

• No fixed weapons on the map

• Can no longer build fortifications on the map

• No resuply stations

• No enemy suppression mechanics


• Less variety of vehicles

• Tank progression is fought between factions, even with the tanks being the same in terms of equipment and gameplay

• No marine vehicles

• No direction indicator of where the gunner is looking

• Fewer pilot customization options

• No tank zoom customization options

• No gunner customization options

• No secondary weapons for helis gunners

• No different control options between helis and planes

• Vehicles cannot be controlled while looking back/free look

Points system:

• No points for eliminating squads

• No points for dealing damage to enemies

• No points for assist in vehicle destruction

• No more "watch counts as kill"

• No headshot bonus

• No points for long range kills

• No bonus for completing objectives as a squad

• Very simple teamwork scoring (For example reviving/healing players always gives you 5xp, instead of showing the amount healed)

Squad and teamwork:

• No commander mode

• No special squad call-in skills

• No field improvements

• Fewer factions (and practically nothing changes to distinguish between the two)

• No chat between friends and enemies

• No option to create new squad

• No option to promote squad leader

• No clans

• You can no longer see squadmates' camera to see what they're doing on the redeploy screen

• No indicator of nearby doctor/x person is going to revive you

User interface and quality of life:

• Fewer control customization options

• Fewer UI customization options

• No option to change I.U opacity. and from the HUD

• No weapons reticle customization

• No network performance graph

• No individual and global scoreboard

• Less details on the “who killed you” screen

Very raw game, poorly done. A pretty generic shooter, anything but Battlefield. It's something that gets hype at first, but once everything's been explored it's going to die pretty quick. There are no clans and competitive matches to hold players back. There is no teamwork. About the specialists – they "cut" the logic of differentiated classes and the "roles" and strategies of each one. Could have the specialistas, they are nice, but inside a logic of classes, without cutting its strategies.

So it will be more of the same forever. I have 3000 hours of gameplay in BF1 due to teamplay. We have even arranged 32×32 player matches against another clan many times. Super cool.

And in this one, what will we do? Killing random people and bot forever?

No scoreboard, stats, nothing. We can't even play with more than 4 players in the same game and on the same team. Not on the opposing team. very individualistic game.


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