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Making minimal HUD viable

Content of the article: "Making minimal HUD viable"

Battlefield V has amazing graphics and animations and playing with no HUD provides one of the most good looking shooter experiences out there. However despite having some options DICE seem to lack proper though out implementation. There seems to be two methods of HUD customisation but both have huge downsides.

  1. No HUD at all looks amazing. But the in game uniforms and character customisation doesn't make it easy to know who's an enemy or friendly. Some maps are easier than others but mostly it's unplayable.

  2. HUD customisation is another option. However you can only turn off or hide a very small amount of things even on the most restrictive settings there's plenty of UI components logos and icons.

Before we look into solutions, lets state what we're trying to achieve. We want only for it to be possible to play this game with minimal/no-hud and it be considered 'playable'. This mean's we're not expecting to be able to play with minimal or no hud and still out play everyone. We can expect a trade off or disadvantage for immersive mode, but we should expect it can at least provide a playable experience. The game is so close to this, that only one of the following needs to be possible.

No hud:
* Somehow get the map (or a button to bring it up) so players can check for friendlies in a direction before engaging.
* An option locally to only see 'default' uniforms. If it was possible to only have it so all characters for an army looked consistent it would be easy to eventually learn the looks of enemies/friendlies. At the moment things like no helmet and other missing obvious identifiers of army type prevent this. It is also being exacerbated by new character unlocks.
* Subtle shading of a colour on the uniform of the entire existing variety of soldiers.

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With hud:
* Being able to turn everything off except the friendly/enemy icons or map.

Realistically (taking hardcore as an example) Dice will never consider these. So does the community know how to enable any of the solutions above? Are there any config or ini files or perhaps something that's been overlooked?


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