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My list of batttlefiled releases since BC1 in order of how good they were

I won't be counting hard-line as a entry into the series.

  1. Bad company 2 (2010) The game in my opinion had a great atmosphere, pacing was slow and methodical which gave a great contrasting way to play a fps compared to the twitch like gameplay of COD. Guns had a meaty feel to them and all the vehicles were fun and purposefully executed. The destruction was top notch, and no place was a good long term hiding place. Campaign was pretty fun.

  2. Bad company 1 (2008) Great game, weapons had weight and sense of purpose, gameplay was slow and methodical and , thinking about your strategy to enter combat could determine outcome. this was one of the first games where they really stepped up destruction which was a breeze of fresh air at the time. Vehicles were fun to pilot and had meaning to them. Campaign was solid.

  3. Batttlefiled 3 (2011) Solid entry if a bit stale at this point. Game had a great cinematic look and and weapons had weight and feel. Maps were fun and well designed. Destruction took was toned down for this entry which was a sad development. This game hailed in the introduction of lens flare for sniper riffles which I personally detested. Campaign was ok short but had some cool set pieces.

  4. Bad company 4 (2013) A game of closely contending with BF3 quality wise and would probably be number 3 if it wasn't for the fact that it felt a bit like a expansion pack to BF4. Destruction was scaled up and had levelution added which was a welcome addition, campaign was a complete throwaway.

  5. Batttlefiled V (2018) Map design for this game is very good, however weapons feel very soft and much like bf1 have a feeling of playing with you guns. Vehicles lack a sense of purpose and overall found this to be one of the least enjoyable entries, leveling up feels like a grind and leveling up to max takes an eternity. Remnants of loot box mechanics still linger and game feels almost like a free to play game. 60fps issues still here. Campaign was pretty lackluster.

  6. Batttlefiled 1 (2016) In my opinion this is where the series really took a nose dive. The game had heavy influences of loot box mechanics and felt almost like a incomplete game or a game needing more money to get the full experience. Trying to be more like COD efforts were made to make the game less methodical and more twitch oriented which I personally disliked . The game had lost a lot of it's meaty weapon feel and guns felt more like peashooters. Most vehicles feel awful and a chore to pilot or to ride as a passenger. Introduction of 60fps sped up the gameplay and to me the game lost a lot of it's cinematic feel and slower pace which set it apart from COD. I still played a lot of it but long for days gone from earlier titles. One standout feature of this game however was it's campaign which was among the best in a fps for years.

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