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My very casual and non-professional thoughts about BF1 vs BFV, from someone who started playing BF in 2018.

Content of the article: "My very casual and non-professional thoughts about BF1 vs BFV, from someone who started playing BF in 2018."

Short backstory and stats are: starter playing BFV in 2018, really addicted, ended up with 500+ hours on xbox with rest periods in between until now. Decided to play BF1 which MS gave with live Gold game of the month several month ago but never tried it out until a couple weeks ago, played for like 45 hours now of multiplayer only, been playing non-stop until yesterday when I jumped into BFV again to directly feel the difference and oh man…

I don't know what it is since I'm no expert, but BFV seem much more chaotic overall, unless you are camping you instantly die at the same momento you spawn or you go out of you hideout, the TTK is a complete disaster, some weapons evaporize you in a blink of an eye while others feels like you are using those NERF toy weapons, what a mess.

-Snipers and campers are ALL OVER THE PLACE in BFV 360 degrees all around! you turn a corner a camper kills you, try to cross a small field 4 Snipers decimate you, you are killing someone 3 or more enemies all around kill you, not sure why but i find lots of more snipers and campers on BFV than in BF1 this is more like Camperfield V.

I think there's no problem with the actual sniper damage but bullets can hit you almost all across the map and other weapons have extremely long range that no mater where you are as soon as you expose yourself on the field for a second you die instantly, maybe map desing has something to do with this too.

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While writing I found the exact word, BFV just feels "Frustrating" most the time, resulting in a very bad experience, BF1 it's Hella fun to play almost at all times and you feel the need of more, I have to say that I'm no pro but it feels rewarding, gameplay and gunplay seems more enjoyable on BF1.

The Dash Spam in BFV is ridiculous this looks like mirror edge or some parkour game, I actually like more the fact that you can't do that on BF1 and also you can't sprint while crouching, only standing.

After realizing all that it's a shame that BF1 is a lot less populated than BFV because I would like to play BF1 all time now until the next game.


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