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Part 2 of Attention to Detail in BFV’s planes

Content of the article: "Part 2 of Attention to Detail in BFV’s planes"

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  1. You may think the “Nitrous” specialization is unrealistic and makes no sense how it can “Overheat” but there’s actually historical logic behind it-

-Many aircraft in WW2 were fitted with the ability to temporarily provide a major speed boost through the use of Wartime Emergency Power (WEP). This enriched the fuel mixture to the extremes, and opened the engine valves to their maximum threshold. WEP could only be used for a short amount of time before the engine overheated, and could even cause the engine to self-destruct; hence why it was called Emergency power.

  1. Choosing “Improved control surfaces” on pacific aircraft will change the tips of the wings. This has historical significance as the Zero AGM, for example, had different variants with different wing types.

  2. Removing Jericho Trumpets on the Stuka (or JU-87) is not out of the ordinary. Many Stuka models had them removed due to material costs and stealth benefits.

  3. Speaking of the Stuka, when pulling out of a dive it wasn’t uncommon for pilots to pass out from the G-Forces. Therefore, the Stuka had a system to pull the plane out of a dive automatically even if the pilot did not provide input. These “Pull-up dive brakes” are visually present in BFV and will actually visually deploy when pulling out of a dive (Although, they don’t actually do anything in BFV)

  4. Players bailing out of the JU-88 will jump through the bomb bay. It wasn’t common procedure in WW2, but was faster than bailing out of the cockpit doors should the bomb bay be already opened.

  5. When you jam your weapons from overheating on fighters, you can hear your pilot cocking the weapons back trying to clear the jam. Thankfully it works, as in real life it wasn’t uncommon for pilots to not be able to fix the jam in the air.

  6. Oil Temperature gauges are in most planes in BFV, and will fluctuate based on the player’s throttle input. (The most obvious example for this is the Blenheim MKI)

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