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PSA to new players: PLEASE play the objective (with visuals)

Content of the article: "PSA to new players: PLEASE play the objective (with visuals)"

Ever since the update dropped and BFV was released on Steam, there has been an influx on new players. While it's great to increase the playercount, the quality of matches have dropped significantly, specifically on Breakthrough. On attacking side, newer players tend to snipe from spawn and refuse to push up, causing the game to be deadlocked and become very stale, both on attack and defense.

For the new players: you need to play the objective and push up.

This is you. You want to snipe from spawn so it's harder for enemies to shoot you.

Problem is, your team has this exact same plan.

A few teammates attempt to push up, but they can't overcome the superior numbers of the enemy team.

An ideal attack would be to obscure the enemy vision with smoke grenades, and attack from all sides. A couple snipers hanging back, but still close to the team, to provide overwatch is fine.

However, most of my recent matches have basically been this scenario.

This makes the game super boring for both sides. Attacking team can't make any progress since most of the team doesn't want to push up, and the defending team barely sees any action since the attacking side hangs out in spawn. The match is prolonged because attackers aren't dying out fast enough, and all the defenders can really do is wait for time to run out and counter snipe.

If you're dead set on increasing your K/D, Team Deathmatch servers literally exists for this.

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If you're dead set on playing Recon, you can still push up and play the objective.

  • Run and gun towards the objective. Use your scope to identify threats, engage in firefights, take out enemies on MGs/flak guns, but keep moving up.
  • Use your sidearm for close encounters and for shooting on the move.
  • Shoot your flare gun into the air in order to highlight enemy positions on the map.
  • Place your spawn beacon on the frontlines, or on the enemy flanks to allow your team and other Recons to spawn closer to the action. Placing spawn beacons in spawn is pointless.

All of this applies to tanks as well. In many of my recent matches, new players will use the tanks to snipe from spawn. THIS IS A TERRIBLE WAY OF USING THE TANK. In a tank you are LITERALLY immune to bullets, and only need to watch out for other tanks and anti-tank vehicles/infantry. Your team can only spawn a specified number of tanks, and even one useless tank can ruin an entire offense. Use the tank to get close and attract enemy fire away from your team and towards you, which will allow your team to push the objective more effectively.


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