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recent russian badger bfv video

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I've been watching this guy since his bc2 videos, and along with penguinz0 was one of the first battlefield gameplay-commentators I remember. So despite most of his modern vids being rainbow six siege stuff, I still find the occasional BF vids interesting.

tl;dr I'm interested to know if my thoughts on revive/spawning mechanics are in the minority or majority here.

I'll ignore the 'this game is not good…but it seems so much fun'. I think I missed playing during the period when the support/changes were…questionable (played first few couple months after launch, and then picked up again last month), and so I don't fully appreciate the general consensus/group-think towards the game…

Anyway, despite the positive "lunge mines and bazookas are fun" and stuff, I found I disagreed a lot with the take on revives and spawns.


For revives, you can just hold skip for like 1 second and go to map screen if you really want? I don't see the downside, I get to spot enemies when I'm downed which is great, and I get to dynamically switch between 'I can't be saved' and 'Maybe a revive is good'.

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Also even in random pubs I find the majority of medics are using smokes to cover revives. I've had way less 'dude, are you high?' revives in BFV than any other BF game with revives.


Then for spawns; for so many BF games in a row there has been the bullshit of 'spawn and insta-die'. Or the bullshit bc2 'squad spawn protection',where enemy spawns on squadmate; is invincible; you waste whole mag, then he shoots you whilst reloading.

The denial of spawning whilst in combat is the best squad spawn system I've used in BF games.

Also about flag/objective spawns being often quite far from objective. It always felt like playing a defensive-flag conquest playstyle was dumb in bc2-bf4/bf1 for me, as if you can attack other flags, then spawn right on your flags cap radius to defend when you die….actually defending flags loses importance.

Not to mention the further from flag spawn also decreases the probability of spawn-in-front-of-enemy instances. I feel like Badger's memory is failing here, and this was far more prevalent in previous BFs.

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I feel in general BFV game-mechanics I could not be happier with, and I think when there's "something" that leads you to not be enjoying a game, people tend to find reasons in the game mechanics, rather than other stuff. (i.e. yeah ok where the fudge is team balancing xD)


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