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Shaped charge is painfully useless

Content of the article: "Shaped charge is painfully useless"

Sure it does decent damage, but so does the lunge mine. And ironically, even though the lunge is literally a bomb on a stick, it's less harmful to you than shaped charges. Why? Because the blast power of a shaped charge is lethal if you're anywhere near the tank you threw it on! And if you've run away a little to escape the blast radius, you can bet that the tank knows you are there and is about to blow you to smithereens. This also makes the second charge useless against tanks. You physically do not have enough time to throw the second before the first goes off, so you HAVE to back away to survive and use the second. Once again, see tank killing you problem.

You also can't activate it while running, forcing you to go slow during its fairly long animation. It lacks range, and is nullified by anti-sticky armor. In comparison, the lunge mine forces you into a sprint that closes the distance very well, while doing comparable damage. The AT pistol can do decent damage, with three shots to boot, and all at a comfortable range. AT mines can be essentially spammed by supports to great and riskless effect.

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Even using shaped charge to take out enemies in buildings is outdone by dynamite, or in support's own case, the kampfpistole or normal AT pistol. The AT will get less direct kills, but is WAY more handy for breaking walls of buildings because of its range. Try reaching the second floor with a shaped charge, it's a nightmare. Any observant players have plenty of time to escape the charge's detonation as well.

I'd just fix this by letting it work while running. Either way, you still have to run away to escape the blast and pop a second one on a tank, and any good tanker will kill your ass in time regardless of how fast you got the first off. This would reward what the gadget seems to be trying to go for, which is a hit and run punch to tanks that isn't effective enough to solo one at full health. Currently it's just a waste of company coins and is too frustrating to use. The lunge mine is way cooler, more entertaining, and far more useful.

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