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So, after a long working day firing up BFV means just having some fun – at least it used to be. But it doesn't matter if you are a student, a mother, a teenager, a construction site worker, a doctor or just unemployed at the moment. It's a game and it should be fun for everyone as long as it's fair game.

Cheaters are ruining it beyond measure and I'm not talking about skilled players, I'm talking about ppl mowing you down on aerodrome from A to F or on panzerstorm from B to E with a short burst of a machine gun. I'm talking about the guys ending a round with 92:0 or 73:1. If you're that skilled, congrats, but if cheating is as clear as day you're just scum.

Dice isn't moving, reporting them is like pissing against the wind (you can do it, but it doesn't make sense) so I wondered what us players can do about it. I tried today to convince everyone to just chill in the base, friendlies and opponents alike and I was glad to see that a dozen or so players followed the request or left the server.

But everyone else either didn't or was spamming the chat with cheaters, hackers and tons of **** once they realized what they were getting into. It's like ppl don't even read the chat, while the aimbotters where piling bodies after bodies and it looked like everyone was happy just being cannonfodder.

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Now, where I failed to activate the common sense of the community while in-game I wonder what would be an appropriate measure? Not spawning again? Hide behind a rock? If they get a glimpse of your hitbox you're gone for sure. So it must be something all understand and can participate, some form of battlecry.

I do believe that honest players should be able to act as a collective, taking the fun away from those bastards who just ruin it for everyone. If you jump the server somebody else will fill your slot, unbeknownst about the tragedy he or she is joining.

There should be a response everyone can adhere to, a new standard having cheaters leave a server for good. Shouting at them or calling them names seems to either not have any effect or to fuel to continue what they're doing. I just wonder what you would be ready to do, just to stand the ground for a statement.

Skills.can' or anything you come up with should be some form of signal to just stop playing, or everyone leaving the server together. At least look at the chat window if something seems fishy. I wouldn't know and just wanted to start a dialogue on the matter. If nobody helps us, we can at least try to help ourselves.

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