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The BF6 the series needs. PR stunts Vs player expectations

Hello fellow battlefielders,

I'm one of the many players who counted BF4 as the last good entry in the series. Ofc you are free to have a different opinion on that and disagree with me. I'm not here to debate that or judge the worthyness of BF "X".

Learning that we are indeed getting a new title in a modern setting is exciting news for me, since as I stated before, BF4 was the last game I played (after the overhaul when it was actually good).

Now with all the experiences from the last years, regarding DICE, BF and EA, I'm hesitant looking forward towards BF6. Here are my reasons:

  • bigger, higher, faster

Bigger maps, with more destruction and more action/players shouldn't be a main priority when the current engine and infrastructure already has severe problems to keep up with current BF demands.

  • weather effect's / levolution 2.0

To call levolution gimmicky is still very polite considering in most cases it didn't add anything meaningful, but instead worsen the player experience. The only exception for me personally was the sandstorm on golf.

  • player customisations

You have way more options than in BF5 without feeling out of touch with your designated time period. After the BF5 Debakel im still worry that it could get a bit too fortnity, especially if we have Devs at dice with children that wanna play as batman (I think you'll get the hint ..)

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All those things are typical PR phrases who could mean anything and nothing. "A battlefield experience like never before" I wonder where I heard that one before ..

So here are my reasons to buy or not to buy BF6 at launch. Preordering is not an option, I hope everyone learned that by now.

  • better, finetuned and polished

A rather stick with 64 players if it means the experience overall is better. A good netcode, weapon balance, class balance, and performance has to be a top priority.

  • destruction 2.0

What I'm rly missing is fine grained destruction. Buildings and cover need to react more accurate to where what damage has been applied. Also a complete destruction would be highly appreciated (meaning a building that collapsed can be further destroyed until it's basically leveled). This however shouldn't be a top priority as other things are way more important for good player experience.

  • Player customisation / Loadout customisation

Rather than giving over the top crazy skins for player models, give them lots and lots of weapons (that don't have to be unique all the time) and attachments.

  • care for your community

Take responsibility DICE/EA! Protect players with working anti cheat measures from the getgo and make it a top priority as well. Give players rentable severprograms with the customisation level of BF3/4. Equip the game with the necessary base content to keep players engaged for a long time right from the get go. Hardcore e.g.(again take notes from bf3/4). Focus on things you know players like and leave them in game (looking at you BF5), don't waste time trying out new concepts in the main client. Provide a second test environment like BF4/1 had to try out new stuff and test upcoming patches.

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If DICE throws again, I don't see BF coming back ever. EA/DICE you can't afford to drop the ball like in BF5 again. Better cut out "bigger higher faster" stuff for a more streamlined/polish experience that can engage and keep new players and get the old ones back as well. I'm 35 now, I certainly witnessed the peak of BF and I'm thankful for the thousands of hours and dumped into BF. Would really appreciate another good title and won't be to upset if you fail again. I'll chill and watch how this unfolds and make an educated decision. Don't think we BF players are stupid. We won't fall for your PR lies, we won't accept disrespectful and untruthful use of the base material and we certainly are able to make political decision and have our own views without you or any other company trying to shove your believes down our throats. Focus on the game and to give us players the best possible experience instead of wasting money with PR stunts.

Curious to see how it plays out 🙂


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