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The Greyhound quad .50 cals got a buff – My opinion on if it’s good or not.

The quad .50 cal got a new buff not mentioned in the patch notes. It's bullet damage got doubled. Which doesn't say much since 0 times 2 is still 0.

The new damage is now 14,5 – 8,5. The older damage was 7 – 4.

I feel like it's at the most balanced spot now. It melts at close range and still does solid damage at further ranges. The time to overheat doesn't feel to long or too short either. The damage to aircraft are also, in my opinion, good. You can do around 80 damage in one burst before overheating. But you can do more if you have good aim. I find it harder to do good damage to fighters and stukas, but bombers are very easy targets that i can reliably kill if they activate their 47th chromosome and get too greedy.

The guns have a very bad gun conversion, so you will only be able to effectively use all of your guns on vehicles. but you will still reliably kill infantry.

The ap bullets now feel balanced. You can't really 1 v 1 any tank who has a functioning brain, but if you got the element of surprise and hit them at the rear, you should expect to do around 25 damage before you overheat. If you angle your armor well, you are almost guaranteed to kill them. But what most of the time happens, is that after you kill one tank, another one pops up. Due to the element of surprise being reversed towards you now, the only choice you have is to escape. That is why I highly recommend to not take the at mines specialization. If you take the mines, then you will lose your smoke. If you took the reinforced engine, then you should expect to get your engine destroyed after their second shot. If you smoke and successfully evade their bullets, then you are safe. If your engine gets destroyed, then you're dead unless you have friendly support.

There are two paths you should take when it comes to specializations.

1: Infantry killer and 2: Infantry killer but you wont use it as one.

The paths are as followed: 1: L M L M M M 2: L M L L M M

The only difference between them is the fourth upgrade, which is when you choose between the ap bullets or the faster engine. I personally prefer the faster engine since 1: You become the fastest tank in the game and 2: They have really different playstyles. AP bullets are only effective on the rear, which means that you will be flanking alot if you want to go tank hunting. If you only want to kill infantry, then you will often play the objective with friendly infantry and when a tank shows up, you will drop smoke and run away from them so that the infantry can deal with it. And if you're going to try flanking the tank with ap bullets then you will most likely then get killed by infantry and only do around 26 damage to the tank since you didn't have the element of surprise and it just turned it's hull around so to stop you from getting to it's rear.

But for both of them, your biggest problem will most often be either the second worst gun depression in the game stopping you from killing a crouching dude hugging your tank which is why you shouldn't try to do a breakthrough in rough and hilly terrain. The other problem are the planes. You will be spending most of your game shooting at ground targets, that leaves you vulnerable to planes to kill you by surprise if you don't have friendly aa support.

If you use loadout nr 1 then you should expect to go 20+ kills and 1-2 deaths. Two of those kills are often planes. One of them is often a kill stolen by you from your friendly aa while the other one is a bomber that got too greedy.

If you use loadout nr 2 then you should expect to go 10~ with 4 deaths. 6 of those kills are often enemy tanks. Your 4 deaths are most probably from a tank who killed you after you just killed a tank.

I think that the .50 cals is a great infantry killer, but there are much better AT loadouts.


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