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The way DICE handles post-launch skins will never not bother me.

Content of the article: "The way DICE handles post-launch skins will never not bother me."

(Before anyone says anything, this isn't me complaining about the authenticity of skins.)

Skins are something that, in my opinion, DICE have poorly mismanaged since this game's release.

You had a set of default skins that you can buy with CC, then eight skins that you can unlock when you level a class to a specific level… That's personally fine by me.

But what irks me is how they were dealt with after launch.

You have to wait for an armory rotation to see a skin, buy that skin in a specific time-frame, and if you don't buy it you have to wait a indefinite amount of time for it to come back. This applies for every skin, common to epic. But of course, you guys know that.

Here's how it should've worked:

The armory rotation is still a thing, but every time a new common/rare is added to it, it gets added to the customization screen as something that can be purchased without being taken away. Since epics are only purchasable with BOINS, they would still be on a rotation.

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This isn't ideal, but it's realistic.

It still relies on FOMO for epics, but not for anything below that… Which is always how it should've been. Nothing purchasable with a grind-able currency should be locked behind a FOMO system. It makes more sense that skins purchasable with a premium currency should be in a perpetual rotation by themselves.

This also would've greatly benefited the players. Knowing that a skin you like will be available forever is much better than having to wait an unknown time for it to show up, only for it to have a specific window of time for purchase. Not only that, but it would give people at least a bit more reason to play the game.

And besides, I can't imagine that this system would be any less profitable than what we currently have. Does anyone consistently purchase commons and rares with boins? I feel like it's WAAAAY more common for people to buy those CC skins with, well, CC.

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Anyway, that's just how I feel it should've been since launch.


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