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Things i would like to have in upcoming Battlefield

Content of the article: "Things i would like to have in upcoming Battlefield"

Maps: playing a lot of BFV had me thinking what makes a map enjoyable. First off the maps should be specific to the game mode, like Damavand peak and rush mode, Arras and conquest… maps also seem to get boring when the capture points are too far apart or unevenly distributed like al-sundan and Hamada. Now personally I don’t really enjoy operation metro’s clusterfuck, especially with more players being added, those maps should be limited to a certain amount of players and game modes. Given the lack of helicopter action in bfv its hard to say whether Hamada and al sundan are actually subpar, but they do feel that way to me. Some people may think that its better to have a bigger map pool, just throw everything into the conquest reel. But it should be done right, sitting through a boring map often ends in wanting to stop playing

Squad: 5 men squads. More communication features for casuals w.o mic such as “I hear footsteps interaction or enemy nearby”, better ways to point out stuff and to get the attention of the player cause sometimes the lack of awareness I see in players just robs me of immersion, your whole team is being murdered behind your back but you keep blind shooting through the smoke..

Gadgets: no more useless gadgets, sniper doll? Firecrackers? Sniper shield? Okay you can keep the sniper shield. While I want variety I want to suffer from choosing one and not just having obvious picks.

Achievements: I think it would be cool to get badges and ribbons back, make them wearable or displayed in your banner or kill cam (add kill cam and players last second mic like in COD cause its hilarious), make them hard to get, like achievements for jumping out of your plane and into another one, flying in a waterbike, sniping at 1000 meters, multikills, streaks etc… it does spark some fear to risk having campers or just players doing dumb stuff for achievements and foregoing the mighty PTFO. But that can be better handled by giving the incentive to PTFO through rewards or XP.

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Balance and Cheats: having the next BF be a cross-platform game will join all the computer hackers into our virgin console world and I will cry. Handling hackers is a top priority. In terms of balance, there is no better feeling than a well matched, to-the-last-ticket, good ol battlefield conquest game, as there is no worse feeling than playing several mismatched games cramped up in your spawn point (lookin at you Fjell 652).

Gameplay: Soldier movements and possibilities, small things, sliding, leaning, lunging, diving, peeking, blind firing up a corner… fire modes, turning weapons sideways to use iron sights, that sort of things. add draggin downed mates or let them crawl a bit.

Levelution: YES

Destructibility: YES, scorch the earth

Vehicles: bring back the LAV, all the helicopters, drones, cars, maybe some maps with horses, or lawnmowers. Tank battles should resemble that of BF4, angle of hit, distance display, specialized shells, but not as powerful as the armor piercing in BFV, a 3 shot kill on most tanks is too much.

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Other: immersion and accuracy, while it is important to me, I can also understand the possibilities that open foregoing that to throw in skins and buyables so im not one to complain about that, just don’t go over the top like captain hook over the bfv launch video (also please do a good job on that, the hype is real).

And finally things done right: crouch sprint is good, weapon variety has been good, spotting: While I liked back when you could spot with a button I think spotting should be limited to some classes. Squad buddy revive. Downed spotting and ability to mark as incoming. Premium pass, I like not having to pay to keep up with the maps. Grenade handling is okay, doesn’t feel OP. slightly underpowered if you ask me but I’ll take it over the spam.

I probably have many more things to ask for but I think this is enough for now. What would you like to be added, removed or kept from the next BF?

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