Battlefield 5

This game. Some points

  • where is the destruction?

battlefield is about scale and chaos. yet not once have i stared in awe as a tank is destroyed and its ammo stack sparks and then explodes in a beautiful, gratuitous fashion. i haven’t felt my heart drop as the floor below me crumbles and i drop into the middle of an enemy squad squad. DICE showed off their brand new destruction physics as one of the very first teasers to this game but we have been met by predictable, rectangular holes in panels that have indestructible beams between them. not one building can be fully demolished or even partly demolished in 2042’s map. i was expecting DICE to delve into biological destruction in this game to add another layer of what makes this game spectacular but no.

  • the movement…

this part is kinda self explanatory. what the fuck

  • optimisation

everyone has dealt with the atrocious optimisation of this game and in my experience playing it on pc, it felt like it was a console game emulated for pc. when i plugged my controller into my pc it actually felt smoother and more responsive.

  • ‘arcadeness’

2042 has attempted to revive the arcade nature of battlefield. im totally fine with that. personally i would have loved to have seen the healing system and attrition system of bfv in 2042, especially for the vehicles. but despite that i still think the arcadeness of 2042 isnt right. i dont know what exactly makes that ture but the gunplay and honestly, the overall gameplay doesnt feel good. tanks are floaty and feel weightless and the air vehicles are a nightmare. infantry feels useless.

  • map design

the map is so boring. environment isnt immersive or captivating in anyway shape or form. i feel that its too big? or theres too many objectives? because i could run around an entire game and only see like 20 people. it felt like i was playing on an almost empty server.

  • snipers

ew. bullets feel slower and seem to have more drop than the dmr does. it also feels like theres a lot of bullet spread or theres an issue with scopes or the bullets are just THAT slow or the hit reg is just THAT bad but i had to stop sniping. it felt awful. all of my sniper play on previous battlefields and i still can barely get a couple kills per mag using the sws.

  • specialists

youve already probably read several threads on this.

  • teamplay

i felt completely disconnected from everyone in this game. i didn’t know who i had to chase after for ammo or health. didn’t know if i should wait for a teammate or even squadmate in the revive screen (why is it 3d). didnt know where my squad was half the time. didnt feel the need to make coordinated pushes or flanks with my teammates. bad pinging system means its hard to communicate with randoms or even discord members in your squad as to where relevant things are.

  • final statement

to me this game feels like dice and ea trying to replicate what has already been successful, rather than innovating what will be successful. colour palette and map design remind me of fortnite a little. gunplay and movement feels like apex and warzone. but the thing they havent realised is that the only reason these games were so successful is because they were different. pubg innovated battle royale. then fortnite made it accessible to everyone and introduced building. apex introduced dynamic and quick movement with abilities that focused on team synergy and also introduced respawns which was a pretty big deal. warzone took an og game on a new engine and made a br with very reliable and fun gun play, movement that was not dissimilar to apex, but it was in a ‘realistic’ setting with arcade-esque vehicles and guns. also had gulag and cross play and cross progression with normal cod. 2042 seems to have copied these games homework, but changed it a little. it hasnt been executed properly and it isnt what battlefield needed in a long awaited, modern release. to survive, especially in the long run, big changes will need to be made. however, i have faith because battlefields are known for their horribke releases and yet seem to pull them together a year or two down the line.

i will not be buying this game off rip. unless portal is kinda nutty.


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