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Thoughts on crossplay between Console and PC for BF6?

Content of the article: "Thoughts on crossplay between Console and PC for BF6?"

With the inevitable release of BF6 and the recent rumors of an upcoming announcement, I wanted to ask the community about their opinion on the potential for cross-play on the next battlefield title. With the recent trend of COD:MW and Warzone including cross-platform play between PC and consoles, it's almost certain that DICE will likely follow suit and support cross-play. In fact, having just watched JackFrags youtube video showing off COD Black Ops Cold War, he states that it will have cross-generation cross-platform support so imagine PS4, PS5,XB1, XBX, and PC all playing together.


Personally, as a PC player, I'm a bit iffy to the idea of bundling console players together with PC players, not because "hur-dur console plebs r beneath me", but due to the difference in mouse aim vs console aim, their inability to type in chat, and difference in movement control. Small reasons, I know. However, looking at it neutrally, here's what I think are some pros/cons.



  • Larger player base for all platforms
  • More mic based communications (no one on PC uses mic, why?)
    • Having come from console, I made a lot more friends on PS3 than I did on PC and I look forward to that interaction between players that console may bring.
  • Next Gen Consoles will support KB/Mouse (but will longtime controller mains make the switch and retrain years of muscle memory from the ground up? Who knows)


  • PC hackers now affect console gamers too (they really need to get anti-cheat on lock for BF6)
  • Console Trolls now affect PC example
  • PC has advantage in movement control and aiming
    • PC Players like Nickel, Enders,

      who have a quick snappy flicky playstyle V.S.
    • Console players who physically CANNOT do the same due to controller limitations, although

      is pretty godly too but he has to play at 90% sens and even then it isn't as fast as mouse
  • PC players also have the advantage in peripherals (144hz, 240hz, headphones, & sitting 1-2 feet away from screen with like a 1ms response time) whereas a majority of console players probably play from couch on flatscreen TV with speakers and I don't think gaming TVs are a thing yet.
  • Movement (this is the biggest concern for me)
    • Let me preface this by explaining BF4 movement allowed for you to change direction midair making bunny hops, zouzous, and jump crouch shots pretty meta for any sweaty locker/metro aek wielding infy main. In fact, if you're really good you can do a bunch of confusing movements and zigzags and hops (with no loss in momentum) right in front of a enemy who's trying to spray you down and since you become so hard to hit, you can probably dodge most of it. I played against the #1 melee player on bf4 and oh my god, he literally evaded everything and teleported behind me. You could tell a good player apart from a newbie just from how they moved alone. BFV, unfortunately has a really rigid/simple movement system and it feels heavy so this issue isn't as prevalent BUT
    • These zig zags, zouzous (ik its a glitch jump), jump crouch, and confusing movement are easily possible on PC
    • Not easy to do on console because of the amount of inputs you have to pull off to replicate it
    • I've heard ppl on BF4 PC complain of the "cancerous COD bunnyhopper kiddies" but movement is a skill so git gud
  • Cross-platform GUARANTEES that movement will remain gutted and similar to BF1 and BFV styles since they cater towards to a more even ground between PC and Console.


That said, BFV was a messy entrant to the Battlefield franchise and one that was not so well received so I think crossgen/plat support is the least of my concerns. Hopefully they focus on making BF6 really really good before adding on extra features like this, but it's important and fun topic to consider and discuss because based on trends, it's more than likely happening.


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