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Tips for new players out there!

I'm a PS4 player, and these are some tips and guidelines I thought of for new players after seeing them play for about a week now.

1 – Do not bail out of a vehicle, your K/D means fuck all, and chances are the tank will just be stolen by the enemy team and you will give them a bigger advantage.

2 – Stop trying to shoot down your teammate's planes with AA, friendly fire is off. Also, when a teammate is getting chased by an enemy plane; focus on killing the plane, not the infantry 200m away.

3 – If you play support, or medic; actually use the ammo and medical drops. You refusing to drop them when I ask does nothing but lose you points, as players can just choose to take them off of you, and you get zero points for that.

4 – If you see a tank getting shot at, and needs assistance – shoot, or even suppress whatever is shooting it. Use smokes if you have them.

(Slamming a jeep going 50mph into the rear of a tank when it is trying to get into cover just makes you look like an ass.)

5 – If you are mad at a teammate in a plane, and you are also in a plane; please don't try to ram them into the dirt. It's just annoying to deal with and chances are you'll just instantly explode and not kill them.

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6 – If you are going to die in a plane, don't bother bailing. The enemy still gets the equivalent points for destroying your plane regardless, and chances are you will have jumped out of bounds anyways. Experienced pilots won't shoot planes that have been bailed, because they take longer to respawn.

Even more experienced pilots will just double-back, and clip you with a wing – getting a roadkill with a plane.

If it looks hopeless, at the very least try to crash into an enemy, you'll most likely kill them and get points for it, even better you might fool the enemy pilot chasing you into diving too low, resulting in them crashing.

7 – Please for the love of christ, don't use planes to taxi. You'll most likely even fuck that up and jump too late, killing yourself. Additionally, you'll have a shitty pilot kit when you land if you do survive.

8 – If you are using a tank, please push up. Sitting next to a resupply station being a glorified artillery piece does little to none for your team.

(Some tips for fighting this:

Stand in front of their main gun. Destroy the resupply station they are camping. Use smoke grenades around their tank. Ram, or push them with another vehicle.


Anyways, in short – don't be a troll. There is a difference between being a troll and having fun, and remember there are community games set up for less serious games!

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I personally like to play hardcore knives only, or hardcore with DMRs disabled.

(Also if you use the ZH-29, or Type 2A – you must be loads of fun at parties.)


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