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To DICE: Your business model for cosmetics sucks.

Content of the article: "To DICE: Your business model for cosmetics sucks."

I'm usually against buying cosmetics in most video games with real money. It's hard to justify it, honestly. They're just cosmetics – they don't change the gameplay experience, however cool they may be. Actually, after some thought, I don't think I've ever paid any money for cosmetics in any video game ever.

But, seeing as I REALLY like Battlefield V, and am fascinated with WWII, I may be willing to splurge a little. At the same time, I can show DICE I appreciate not having to spend money on DLC for the extra content they (eventually) delivered, as I have in Battlefield 3/4 with Premium.

So let me just head on over to the armory to check out that sick German ghillie suit, and maybe pick out that Pit Crew helmet I missed earlier in the game. I wonder if the fire axe could be found, because I was in an Apex Legends phase during that week of tides of war. I'd love to buy the Robert the Bruise beret/gas mask to go with the outfit I already have and like on my British assault class. Waffenrock and the Column Leader Tiger I skin would be awesome. And I want the headgear from the Assembled skin for my Japanese Support, because there aren't a lot of good free skins for that faction. And now that we have Provence, I could buy Besieged and it would actually make sense!

Oh, but wait. Where's the ghillie suit? Huh? I have to buy four weapon skins I don't like, a tank skin, and two whole other soldier sets just to get that Assembled headgear? To get Waffenrock I need to buy The Real McCoy, and more weapon skins I don't want? To get Column leader and Platoon Leader for the tanks I actually use, I have to buy an LVT and Ka-Mi skin too? What's that? I have to buy the entire Robert the Bruise set for TEN DOLLARS, even if I just want the headgear? You mean I have to pay for Jagër weapon skins I don't want to get the Besieged soldier set? Will the Pit Crew set come back? Oh cool, there's a decent skin out this week, but I don't want to spend TOO much money on cosmetics, seeing as I'm hesitant to in the first place. What if they bring back the ghillie suit and I've already spent all the money or company coins I want to on something I like less?

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I can't be the only one who feels this way. Locking your good content behind paywalls and lumping it in with stuff I don't want doesn't make me buy stuff I don't want. It makes me not buy anything.

Instead, why don't you just put it all out there? Like let me see it in My Company as individual items with individual prices. That way I can mix and match uniforms as I'd like to, both paid and free (company coin). And why not show me all the melee weapons and skins I missed in Tides of War? There could be cool stuff out there I've never even seen before that I'd consider buying. Honestly I don't understand your methods. How can I carefully consider my options if I don't even know what they are?


A frustrated customer with characters who could afford to look a little cooler.


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