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Visibility and how I would fix it in a future title

TLDR: add a cinematic graphics mode for all platforms with on being contrasty with the transition effects between inside and outside, and off being not so contrasty without transition effects between inside and outside. (Off favors visibility and on favors a cinematic experience)

Contrast is the single biggest thing that caused visibility issues in both BF1 and V. Darks were extremely dark and brights were extremely bright. Which for obvious reasons caused issues, it didn't matter all that much in BF1 cause you could just spam Q/RB/R1 (or R2 im not sure) and have the enemy highlighted and i hate the idea of 3d spotting, after many hours of BF4 i noticed myself just spamming spot and firing just below the triangles. I was playing the HUD instead of just playing the game. And that really took away a lot from the experience for me. That's why reintroducing 3D spotting is not going to be a suggestion I have as I really enjoy the idea of having the 3D squad markers, I'd also like to see 2d map spotting come back as I dont recall BFV having it outside of the recon class.

So first thing I'd do is reduce the contrast as the last 2 games were just going a bit too far with it IMO. It was great for still images and creating great wallpapers, but in gameplay many areas were just too unrealistically dark and unrealistically bright. Perhaps a graphics option for all platforms called cinematic mode could be toggled on or off. With on being the contrasty visuals we have currently and off being a mode that favors the gameplay with less contrasty visuals and overall better visibility. the reason I suggest this is cause i know some people really enjoy the movie like anesthetics of the last couple games.

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I'd also remove that stupid effect when you are looking out of buildings vs looking in. Someone could hide right in the window right in front of your face, but because the game applied this effect trying to mimic the way real life works really hurt the visibility. Perhaps this could be part of cinematic mode option as well.


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