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What do you guys feel about these few ideas for Battlefield 6?

Content of the article: "What do you guys feel about these few ideas for Battlefield 6?"

These are just a few ideas I thought of. They were originally in a post I made awhile back about my ideas on how to make BF6 a success. It's a long post with a lot of ideas, so I kinda just want to single a few out that I would really, really want in any future Battlefield. If you dont think any of it would work, let me know.


  • Focus on how to enforce squad cooperation. If you dont want to play in a squad, dont join one. If you do, it should be enforced or rewarded a little more.

  • Make squads 6 people.

  • You can only spawn on your squad leader or on a spawn point placed by your Recon.

  • Have a decently large radius around the squad leader that activates 2X xp whenever there is at least one other squadmate within it.

  • Squad leaders can place an even larger circle around any location on the map. Only one of the squad leader's squadmates needs to be in the circle for them both to earn 2X xp.

  • Within a certain distance around the spawn beacon, fortifications can be built. The squad leader can pick fortifications from a menu. The fortifications will vary in availability depending on terrain.

  • Health and ammo stations can be built.

  • Each fortification in the menu will have a different time to build, some taking very long.

  • Each one will have the time to build listed for whether its 1 person building, 2 people building, 3 people, etc.

  • Once a fortification is selected, the squad leader can place where they would like it built.

  • Even the longest fortifications to build arent extremely big. The building area for spawn bases would only be like 15×15ft, so there wont be giant fortresses built all over the map.

  • New spawn bases cannot be built next to old spawn bases. Meaning, squads cannot build up a spawn base and then place a new spawn beacon right next to it to build another base and then another, and so on, making one giant fort.

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  • I like the health system in BFV so I'm just starting with that as the basic idea. You dont have constant regenerating health, you carry one med kit, and squadmates can revive you.

  • After you bleed out on the ground like in BFV and the screen goes black, if you are in a squad, you get an (optional) extra 15 seconds for your medic to revive you. The screen for the player would be black with muffled audio.

  • Players can pull downed squadmates to cover.

  • When approaching, there is an immediate prompt to "grab." Kinda like how the "Heal" prompt shows up now.

  • This prompt is held for only about 1 second before you can pull the squademate to safety.

  • Release the button and the soldier is immediately dropped.

  • While still holding the "grab" button, the option to press a second button to "revive" would instantly appear.

So, say on PS4, you would run up and hold square for a second to grab your squademate. Now the option to press R1 to "Revive" instantly appears.

Instead of running out into the open and spending about 5 seconds reviving, staying completely stationary, you now run in and one second later, you are on your way back to cover.


  • Basically there is a stamina bar but you never have to stop running.

  • First half of stamina is speed of BFV. Second half is speed of BF3. Once stamina is gone, the player can continue to run at the BF3 speed. They will begin breathing heavily and their weapon accuracy is dropped by 30%.

  • Stamina is recovered by walking or standing for 3 seconds.

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