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What is up with the sudden increase in toxicity and trolling? (PS4)

As the title states, I've noticed a sharp increase of trolls and general toxicity for probably the past month.

The first notable instance was on Wake Island, where me and a friend were in a squad with 2 randoms. I hopped on the AA gun near the B site on Breakthrough.

The moment I fired a single round at an enemy plane, the 2 people in our squad had immediately ran over to me and tried to dynamite the gun. When that didn't work, they tried to stand in front of it. When that failed, they took a jeep and drove in front of the AA gun. The jeep got stuck, and it had seemed like they stopped. Then, someone random began to spam my messages with the N-Word.

They persisted to troll the entire match, standing in front of me and my friend if we were sniping or using a bipod.

(Note that I didn't even kill one of the enemy planes when they first started.)

A few matches later, also on Wake Island – I had gotten a plane on the Japanese side and had been doing quite well, getting to the point in Breakthrough were the Japanese loses it's plane spawn.

At this point, I had noticed that enemy AA were only going for my plane – not the blueberry's. Then, after killing one of the AA's, I had also noticed that the blueberry plane was trying to plane ram me into the dirt, he tried the entire match until we had finally lost.

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I've also seen countless times were teammates will spawn in a tank or plane, only to circle around the spawn so that no one else on the team can use that vehicle.

Twice I've seen teammates land planes for the enemy team, a few more times I've seen the same for tanks.

Another instance of trolling and toxicity was whenever I got killed by a certain clan, they would basically perform some ritual where they would dump an entire mag of their pistol into my corpse, and toss a grenade.

I've had matches where people will join my squad to spam slurs – matches where people will jump in front of my tank gun to try and block it.

Matches where the enemy planes will circle the plane spawn to kill me but let a blueberry survive.

I'm basically just wondering, has anyone else noticed this increase? Or am I just having the unluckiest month in Battlefield history?


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