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What would Battelfield be if DICE/EA actually innovated?

Disclaimer: I am a console guy who has played BF for over ten years. I have always loved hardcore. Personally I like all eras of war, although I am excited BF6 is going to be modern.

I’ve thought about why BFV sucked so much. I’ve asked myself what could make BF6 great? I feel like Battlefield has not innovated AT ALL in almost a decade. With the recent teaser, I have a feeling all DICE is going to do is release modes like Conquest with 128 players and pretend like Battlefield is great again. I feel like much more needs to be done. Battefield should have evolved so much more by 2020.

Below is a magdump of ideas I’ve come up with over time of the direction I wish Battlefield would go. In my opinion it would completely separate itself from every other shooter. It would appease almost everyone who has played Battlefield.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments…

Adding a ton of players to the game isn’t going to make Battlefield good all by itself. The game needs a massive overhaul compared to BFV. It needs to be much more militarized. It’s needs proximity and squad chat. It needs to be hardcore damage. It needs VERY realistic customization all the way from nods, chest rigs, rifles, optics, reticles, tripod, IR lights/lasers, clip-on NV, everything down to the Salomon shoes that the real dudes use.

We need an open world map like ARMA where there are faction deployments (maybe 4 deployments in each server). Day/Night rotation and random weather. You join into the server just like in DAYZ.

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You spawn at the deployment with squad members and have to outfit your soldier from top to bottom. Here you can plan with your buddies what mission/activities you want to do and then outfit your squad properly for the mission. Choose how much ammo/mags you carry, gear, NV, rockets, armor, vehicles etc. Hell, maybe even chat with other squads and team up to complete some of the activities throughout the huge map (more on that below).

From there, you can leave your deployment and go into the large map where you can do ANYTHING. You could PVP, you could build/destroy FOBs, you can steal weaponry from enemy soldiers after you kill them. You can complete PVE missions and challenges. You can pilot other players in your faction around to parts of the map for massive XP awards. When a player dies, anyone can collect their guns/ammo/gear. This would keep the open world alive. As you collect a gun, it stores it in your inventory at the deployment. You could have a stash of 35 m4s, or if you only have one m4 and die then the m4 is gone until you get another one. When you die you spawn back at the deployment or at a FOB of your Factions. Players from other squads in your faction could pilot/drive you to a location (rendezvous with your buddies) and the pilot would receive massive rewards.

Throughout the map there could be waypoints where you can play traditional Battlefield modes like Conquest. There could be a waypoint very close to your deployment for players who want to hop right into a conquest/rush etc. match without having to do anything in the open world. Those players would get standard XP for choosing the closest waypoint.

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Deep into the map there could be additional Conquest (and other modes) waypoints where you could get 5x XP for example, or other rewards. Incentivize players to travel throughout the open world to get to these other waypoints, which would cause intense PVP fights etc.

THIS would be innovation. The large map would essentially be “The Battlefield”. Players who want their traditional modes like Rush and CQ would still have them. There could be endless possibilities with a large map. DLCs could be added. New missions, new weaponry, new vehicles. They could make it feel like you’re actually going to War. You and your buddies could roam a gigantic map and try to survive all night and complete challenges. Or you could do your arcade thing like normal and play conquest.

I’m not saying it needs to be as hardcore or ultra realistic as ARMA. The open world would be amazing with those “Battlefield moments”.

Stop trying to be like COD. Stop with the run and gun shit. Soldiers can’t do that for long while fully kitted. Make the gun itself a much more dangerous weapon. Make 500m+ engagements much more common. A 30 caliber rifle is pretty damn easy to shoot past 500m, yet in recent Battlefields everything is CQB. Take a step in the opposite direction of arcade.

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Make us feel like we DO NOT want to get shot while roaming through a huge open map at night with night vision. Make the gameplay intense and tactical. Add proximity chat and make communication crucial.

I realize this sort of overhaul would take years of development and that there’s no way it’ll happen in 2021. But I am just so tired of COD and BF on console. It’s the same shit every year. I want militarized tactical/survivor/epic shooter. DAYZ is the closest thing we have on console and it doesn’t run very well. A guy can dream I guess….

Just my two cents. I think the game would be amazing this way.


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