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What’s some pros and cons for some of your favourite battlefield titles? How do you feel about the franchise right now?

Content of the article: "What’s some pros and cons for some of your favourite battlefield titles? How do you feel about the franchise right now?"

From the titles I played.

Bf3 only cons really are 3d spotting can be frustrating. Gunplay was fantastic. Guns seemed to hit strong and hardcore mode was present.

Bf4 cons were it didn't feel as polished as 3 online. I felt like the rego for longer range fights didn't work quite as well.

Bf1 pro was the atmosphere. I didn't feel so much tension playing the other games. The filth and grimness of war was portrayed in this title so much. Cons nothing. It felt super balanced. Maybe homers being added in late were super frustrating at times if they have a good crew.

Bf5 cons? Release was garbage. Ui was more complex than it needed to be. Switched a lot of classic feeling battlefield things like gadget slots being completely independent so you can stack whatever you want.

Changing the way tanks and anti armor infantry interact. Teamwork is cool and all but in a game where you often are playing with 31 other randoms there is no teamwork and no effort to concentrate efforts. So killing tanks can no longer be a 1 man job.

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I feel personally like they're way too open and big between cover. Tanks can hold a position down so easily If they have a couple of helpers to hold a specific flank. The areas of the map "infantry friendly" are so small with no real way to get to the other objectives without being out in the open. I miss maps like st amiens, fort vaux, and even st quintens scar had amazing fighrs because the cover to cover area was fairly small.

Some maps on the more linear game modes like breakthrough can be limiting for defenders as you're no longer able to break out of your small allowed area to flank enemies before they're already on top of you in an advantageous position.

Classic example is that snow mountain map. If you're defending and getting pushed back to the drop zone the enemy around the right can get up or get down around you and the map doesn't really leave you any spot to hold these down without being instantly capped off as you're exposing yourself to the whole map essentially.

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Pros? It's still beautiful as a game goes. I love the look of maps like hamada.

Removal of 3d spotting pretty much I've been hoping for this for a while and it delivered and it's great for not getting knocked off because someone pressed a button and looked at you from a kilometre away.

Vehicles going back to base for refueling and ammo is a good addition too.

Fortifications I can give or take as they can be counter productive if your team keeps getting their positions run over you just have to attack into a position you helped make strong.


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