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Yet another post asking if BFV is worth picking up after the game stopped getting updates.

Content of the article: "Yet another post asking if BFV is worth picking up after the game stopped getting updates."

Battlefield Uno player here, instead of making this a typical "should I get this game" post, allow me to give a perspective of what I enjoy in the series to help people in deciding if I would enjoy this game or not. I'll try to make it as brief as I can so this doesn't sound like the BF Grandpa saying "They ruined Battlefield by making the BF3 medic black" type of scenario, so with that said, a little background of my experience of the series:

I started out with Bad Company as my first Battlefield game, so naturally Rush is one of my favorite game modes (Sadly no one plays it on BF1, at least on Ps4), and oddly enough Conquest isn't my favorite in any of the games. I mean, I could play at least one match in a session for challenges and to level up certain weapons in one long match, but I tend to lean on other game modes. Operations is the closest one can get to Rush and the fact that it takes what I do like about Conquest and turn it into a more attack/defensive game mode, on top of the narration and being a larger scale battle makes it another favorite mode of mine. Out of all the Battlefield games I've played, the Bad Company games and Battlefield 1 are among my favorites since they have the game modes I enjoy the most. Of course good old Team Deathmatch is fun at times and I don't mind playing them too, but my bread and butter is game modes that is like Rush and Operations.

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As far as playstyle goes, I can certainly enjoy tank and vehicle combat (Admittedly I'd make a fine kamikaze pilot since I can't for the life of me operate a plane properly), but of course the gunplay is what keeps me playing. I do enjoy a variety of weapons and classes, infantry combat is what I prefer. I do enjoy trying out skillful weapons like the RSC smg and Martini Henry, weapons that do require you to play a certain way but is rewarding if you can pull it off. Oh, and I do PTFO, be it reviving others or handing ammo to others to toss more down range, and even being able to be a proper Recon individual even if my aim isn't the best (Spot assistance).

So with all that said, would BFV be able to provide the excitement of the intense combat and matches you would be able to experience in other games? Are the weapons fun enough on their own and have some that make you kinda like a glass cannon but worth it in the right hands? Is there any other game modes aside from Conquest and Team Deathmatch that people play (On ps4, mind you)? Please tell me Rush is at least relevant in BFV. And finally, perhaps the edge factor in deciding if I should give the game a chance, -Does the game feel like a World War 2 shooter in spite of the cosmetics and having female infantry in the game?

I'm open to everyone's take on the game, just don't sound like a fanboy, and please give details on what makes the game fun for you. I appreciate those that has read it this far, if you have be sure to say they did it to ruin battlefield. Just for shits and giggles and to show my post wasn't your typical is it worth it post.

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Cheers in advance. 🙂


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