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Almost got scammed and need some advice to play again

Axie Infinity token

I started playing Axie Infinity a few days ago. After a hard day at work I decided to browse Twitch for Axie streams for the first time, the first english stream with over 1k viewers looked like an official stream and promised a 2000 SLP giveaway plus shorter Axie breeding time for two weeks. You had to click a link in the description to get your free rewards and bots were shilling it in the chat, the link led to a near perfect copy of the ronin wallet connection interface.

I'm quite suspicious in nature and never fell for any kind of scam on the internet before, but this time I was tired and in full FOMO mode because I kept reading stuff about airdrops etc., the reward was sufficiently low to make it seem plausible.

Of course in the end I type in my seed phrase for ronin wallet, and then suddenly realized it was a scam because the stream was taken down and had a weird name like "Axieinfinityjkl" then the stream came back with something like "Axieinfinitypml". I felt so stupid for falling to it, I realized the chat was full of bots repeating the same script.

I immediately sent my WETH and AXS back to metamask and created a new ronin wallet (which by the way is kind of hard to do, I couldn't find a way to create a new wallet on the interface so I had to go to another browser and install ronin wallet there to be able to create a new one) and gifted all my axies to my new wallet.

In the end it cost me something like 150$ in gas fees which sucks but could have been much worse, I'm glad I learned this way rather than the hard way, my axies were also low level since I had just started playing so in the end I really didn't lose much. I hope this post helps people to remember to not get overconfident because things can happen very fast even for people with years of experience on the dangerous parts of internet like me.

My question now is that since I have a new account, I'm scared of playing with it and possibly get banned for multi-accounting. How can I play on my usual devices without risking a ban ?


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