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Hello Axie Community! This post is meant to serve as a guide for all newcomers to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Axie Infinity. We will update this post as new frequent questions arise as well.

  • What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an NFT blockchain game built on the Ethereum platform. Axies look like this – they are similar to Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh monsters, etc. The game is still in early development and so we still have more to learn about the world lore of Axies and primary story. We will update as this is revealed.

  • Can you earn money playing Axie Infinity? How do you earn?

Yes, you can earn playing Axie Infinity! All of the Axies and in-game items are registered on blockchain and can be traded & sold on any NFT marketplace. The market value of Axies and items has been increasing dramatically over the past few months as interest in the game has grown and so you can make money by investing speculatively into these assets. However, since the in-game items you earn can also be used to breed and create new Axie, you can earn money by simply playing the game! You can sell the Axie that you breed, or simply sell the in-game items that you earn, on the Axie marketplace to make money.

  • How do I get started playing Axie Infinity?

There's a few things you'll need in order to start playing. Beyond a computer, the first thing you'll need is MetaMask, which is a virtual crypto wallet which can be downloaded easily from their site. The 2nd thing you'll need is a Ronin wallet, which is similar to MetaMask and can be downloaded as a browser extension. While your Ronin wallet will be the primary wallet you use when playing the game, you'll also need a MetaMask wallet to connect to your Ronin (in case you ever want to "cash out" your items or ETH). Once you have these two things you'll be able to login to Axie Infinity, though it's recommended you create attach an email to your Axie Infinity account as well so you can sign-in more easily.

The last thing you'll need is 3 Axie, as Axie games are played with 3 Axie on each "side". You can buy these Axie from the Axie Infinity marketplace directly on

  • I've heard of people getting banned from Axie Infinity, and that there are some specific rules to follow. How do I avoid getting banned? Will I get banned for <insert reason here>?

The primary rule that most people have questions about is the "at most 1 account per person" rule. People try to make this seem very complicated but the rule is very simple – the rule is 1 account per person. Are you playing 1 account across multiple devices? You're fine (you can switch between as many devices as you like at anytime without issue, only if you try to login to 2 devices at the same time it'll log one of them out automatically). Are you and a friend / family member playing on 2 different accounts under the same wi-fi? You're fine. Are you and a friend sharing 1 account? You're fine. Here's a diagram that shows this further.

The only time this ever becomes an issue for most people is when Scholars have saved up enough money to start their own Axie team and decide to leave their Scholarship program. In general, if you want to play on a different account using 1 device, you must wait 24 hours between logging into the game application on the new account after logging out of the old account. This is to prevent people from abusing the energy system and is generally the only time someone not actively trying to break the rules might run into a ban issue.

For Managers: You can create multiple Ronin accounts in one wallet to share with your scholars and can sign in to your scholars' accounts on the website / marketplace without issue. Where you will run into a potential ban is if you sign into the game application using your scholar's account – only ever play the game using your account. Signing into the marketplace, checking / moving inventory, etcetera between your account and your scholars' accounts will not get anyone banned.

Note: Some people seem to be under the impression that as long as you are using 2 different devices, you can play with 2 different accounts since they think Sky Mavis can't tell the difference between 2 different people playing different accounts under 1 wi-fi and 1 person using 2 different devices + 2 different accounts. THIS IS FALSE AND WILL GET YOU AND YOUR AXIES BANNED! Sky Mavis uses much more than just network info to determine who is multi-accounting and who isn't. Additionally, anyone encouraging multi-accounting on this sub will be banned right away. Don't do it.

  • What about changing timezones? If I'm in timezone XYZ and am changing to timezone ABC, will I get banned?

No. The timezone issue was a false rumor spread by people who were banned by trying to more directly manipulate the Axie system. You can play in different timezones without issue so long as it's 1 account (at most) per person. You don't have to wait for 24 hours or adhere to any other false info.

  • If I gift Axie to my scholar, friend, family member, etc. can they start playing with that Axie right away?

As long as you're not abusing the energy system (e.g. gift 3 Axies to a friend to play, then gift again to another account to play, then again, etc all in the same day) then it's fine. Some people suggest to wait until the daily reset to play with gifted Axies if the original holder played with those Axies earlier today, but we haven't verified anyone getting their Axies banned from not doing this.

  • What's a good starter team to buy? How much will I need to pay for a starter team? Will these 3 Axies work well <insert Axie links here>?

There are a lot of different builds and things you can do with Axie, so what makes a good starter team will depend on what it is you're looking to do with the game. In general it is recommended to have some diversity in your team with 1 Axie tanking damage, 1 Axie dealing damage, and the 3rd Axie using special cards / abilities to help in the fight. However, some popular builds (like poison builds) fare better when the entire team is tanky, or focused on doing damage, etc.

If your primary interest is to make money playing the game, the only thing you'll need is a team comp of 3 that can be competitive enough in the Arena to stay above 800 MMR since there is now an MMR "floor" requirement for earning SLP in the game. As you play the game more, you'll likely start breeding + trading your Axie more, which will then allow you to build better team comps for Player vs Player matches.

  • Why are Axies so expensive? Will Axie prices drop in the future?

Axies are expensive because there is a limited number of Axies in existence, it takes a lot of time + effort to breed Axies, and people are willing to spend that much to get Axies. While no one knows the future, it is highly unlikely that Axie prices will drop in the future. Beyond the fact that demand for the game has been growing exponentially, the developers have stated that future versions of the game will have a mechanism for "burning / releasing Axie" in exchange for rare materials. This release mechanism will ensure that Axies remain scarce and valuable, though the exact nature of how this will work has not yet been revealed.

Beyond that, the devs have made it clear that one of their priorities is protecting value for early investors. It's unlikely the devs will implement something to decrease Axie prices since that would directly financially hurt everyone who has already invested in the game + is currently playing the game. So if you're betting on Axie prices dropping on the future and decide to wait, more likely than not you're going to end up paying more than if you buy in now (not financial advice, and again no one knows the future for certain).

  • What are Scholarships? What's a Scholarship Program?

Because Axies are so expensive and not everyone who wants to play is able to afford a starter team, the community came up with a solution called Scholarships. Essentially, the "Manager" of the scholarship loans 3 Axie to a "Scholar", who then plays the game and earns SLP + in-game items. The Manager and Scholar negotiate how the SLP will be split between them – in general, the most common split is 60% of the SLP earned goes to the Scholar and 40% goes to the Manager. However, since demand for scholarships is so high, some Managers are negotiating different rates such as 50% – 50% split or 60% to Manager and 40% to Scholar. While the exact details are to be determined between the Manager and Scholar, we would recommend avoiding managers who try to take more than 60% of the SLP earned at most.

  • Where can I find scholarships?

There's a dedicated Axie Infinity Scholarship subreddit that is dedicated to connecting Managers and Scholars, which can be found here. You can also find a scholarship channel for scholarship posts on the main Axie Infinity Discord, which can be found here. Please note that this sub explicitly doesn't allow scholar seeking or scholarship seeking posts or comments, and YOU WILL GET BANNED IF YOU POST SEARCHING FOR SCHOLARS OR SCHOLARSHIPS ON THIS SUBREDDIT.

  • What are the risks for setting up a scholarship? Is it possible for my scholar to steal my Axies?

On the manager side, it's very difficult / essentially impossible for your scholars to steal your Axie if they don't have access to your Ronin wallet. Since you need to approve transactions on Ronin for moving any Axie assets around, if your scholars don't have access to your Ronin they can't really do anything. The biggest risk you have as a manager is your scholars breaking the game rules (using bots, multi-accounting, etc) and getting your Axies banned. While it's not likely scholars will multi-account, it is still important to vet your scholars.

For scholars, the biggest risk is managers simply not paying out the cut you are due. While nothing can really be done at the moment if your manager decides to steal your cut, the only thing you'd have really lost is the time you spent playing the game. While this generally doesn't happen, it's not umheard of.

  • HELP! I can't play Adventure or Arena. <Insert Item Here> doesn't seem to be showing up in my account. I get a loading screen but then nothing happens. <Insert any other connection issue here>

If you are experiencing any kind of connection error and you feel your internet connection is fine, in all likelihood what is happening is Sky Mavis' servers are getting overloaded from the amount of players playing the game. Axie Infinity has seen exponential growth in the past few weeks and the dev team has made upgrading their servers a priority. Before you post asking for help about failing to connect, wait for an hour then try again and see if that resolves the issue. You can also check the discord as people tend to post their when the servers are lagging.

Note: The Sky Mavis team has indicated that they've had to deal with a few DDOS attacks over the past few weeks. DDOS attacks can completely slow the server to a halt for a while until the devs can stop the attack. When this happen, the game may be hard to access for a few hours. Would recommend following the discord channel for live updates when this happens.

  • My energy is reading as 0/0. What's going on?

This is just a visual bug at the moment – if you play a game the energy reading will adjust to the proper amount afterwards.

  • My energy isn't regenerating every 6 / 3 / 2 hours. What's happening?

The development team has decided to make energy regenerate once a day rather than on an ongoing basis, so your Axies will regenerate their energy fully at the end of the day.

  • I earned SLP playing the game but it's not showing up in my Ronin wallet. What's happening?

You have to actually claim your SLP from the Axie Infinity website. Once you login, click "Claim Tokens" and you'll see where you can claim your SLP.

  • I earned SLP but it's not showing up in the "Claim Tokens" area. What's happening?

Your SLP is likely still in the "lock-up" period as you can only claim SLP every 2 weeks. If you click on the "Claim SLP" button it'll show you how much of your SLP is locked up and what day + time the SLP will be unlocked and claimable.

  • I'm seeing some Axies listed on the marketplace that says "This auction is no longer available" and I can't buy them. What's happening?

The same issue as the above point – the Axie servers can sometimes have trouble updating the page since there are lots of Axie transactions happening per second. If you see an Axie that says the "auction has expired" or something along those lines, it means that Axie was already sold.

  • I'm seeing some Axies listed on the marketplace for super cheap (generally $10 – $30), but every time I try to buy them it says the transaction failed. What's happening?

Similar to the above issue, these Axies have already been sold and the marketplace is just being slow to update. These Axies aren't actually being sold for that cheap; this issue happens when someone puts an Axie up for auction at a decreasing price rate and the Axie is bought, but the marketplace is still updating.

  • I tried to submit a transaction through Ronin but it doesn't seem to be working. What's happening?

This can sometimes happen when the network is congested + servers are struggling to keep up with player activity. You should check the activity log in Ronin to see the status of the transaction. If it says the transaction has failed, resubmit the transaction. If it says the transaction is still pending but it's been stuck in pending for over 15 minutes, try resubmitting the transaction at that point.

If funds were deducted from your Ronin wallet already but you're not seeing the items you bought, this is most likely a server issue which will resolve itself after a few minutes. Funds won't be deducted from your Ronin wallet when doing a Ronin transaction unless the transaction has been confirmed + verified on the blockchain (according to our understanding).


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