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Axie Infinity – Is investing in Axie Infinity Profitable?

Axie Infinity coin

Is investing in Axie Infinity Game Profitable? As of today July 4, the cheapest Axie that you can buy costs $271.72 (₱13,344.17). You will be needing 3 Axie's so to start the game you need to invest a total of $815.16 (₱40032.51).

First of all, This is not a financial Advice, I am not a licensed financial advisor and even If I was, you are not my client. Please Do further research if you are interested with the following topic.

This article was written to help you analyze and make you understand more about the topic. Fear of the unknown is what makes us step back.

Second – Don't invest money that you cant afford to lose

3rd and Last, please forgive my wrong grammar or English, I am Asian and English is not my first language.

So… Is it profitable to invest in the game Axie Infinity? Short answer is YES!
For the long answer and explanation, please read the article.

Maybe some of you will say " I don't have that kind of money" or "that is too much for a game". That's what I've also said when I first heard about how much this game will cost me. You see I am not rich, the fact that I live in the Philippines only means that life is not easy for me, so investing ₱40032.51is really a big deal for me. Then I did my research.

  1. An ordinary Axie could earn 100 SLP per day. by ordinary I mean the cheapest.
    When I started playing Axie, the price of SLP is only $0.1248 (₱6.13) .

So if I can get 100 SLP per day, that would equal to –
$0.1248 X 100 SLP = $12.48 (₱612.89) per day or $374.4 per month (₱18386.78).
So in less than 2.5 months, you could get your investment back and the rest would be income

But this computation was based on the price of $SLP at that time.
Today, 1 SLP = $0.1662 (₱8.16) So the present computation will be

$0.1662 X 100 SLP = $16.62 (₱816.21) per day or $498.6 (₱24486.24)
In less than 2 Months, you can get your Investment back plus a little income.

  1. There is a daily quest that gives 50 bonus SLP if you can finish it. The quest is so easy that even my Low cost Axie can finish it in short time. So the New computation would now be

$0.1662 X 150 SLP = $124.93 (₱1224.31) per day or $747.9 (₱36729.36)

  1. If you save your allotted energy nd use it in PVP Mode, you could earn extra depending on your wins. I have a friend who could earn 200 SLP's per day.

  2. You can make as many Axie account as you want as long as you are not playing it on the same device. Android phones are not that expensive, if you will roll the profit on your first account to create a new account, that would be a big income per month.

  3. You can breed Axie for a small fee.

  4. Axie's can be sold!

  5. An Axie's price can go up

When I bought my Axie Team last June 2021, the price is only .06 ETH at that time ETH only costs $1700 / ETH so I got my 3 axie for only $325 (₱16,000) and these are not even good Axie's. Some of my friends laughed at me when they saw my Axie's telling me it won't work. But what can I do? I already paid for it. the first 2 days was a disaster. First because the Axie system is upgrading, Second is because I dont know how to farm or in which ruins to farm SLP. I Also don't know what strategy to use in player vs player so I always get beaten up.

On the third day my I planned may strategy, I used all my energy to level up my Axies in adventure mode. I finished the 100 SLP cap. I also tried to analyze my opponents in PVP mode, won 5 times and finished the daily Quest which gives me additional 50 SLP.

Watch the video to see how my Axie's get beaten up at first before fighting back.

– I'm trying my best to get more free time so that I could write and edit videos about things that can help us earn in this New Era. Please like my post and recommend it if you think it is worth reading and subscribe to my channels to support and encourage me.


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