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I made a bot that can set up alarms, filter R1R2 and also calculate breeds !

Axie Infinity iOS instal


I started playing axie about 2 months ago and I quickly realized the limitations that the marketplace search feature had. I joined forces with a friend and after a month of tinkering and learning a bunch we can proudly say it works now!

Features: (bold ones are being worked on)

R1R2 Filter: Trying to find good axies that are outside of the usual bubble of "known" builds can be really hard because the way the marketplace is setup just favors "pure axies" and vanilla stuff. With this feature you can look weird axies that maybe only have 2-3 out of the skills you want to breed but cost way less than the normal stuff and then find another one that has the skills you want ! It also tracks the market and can "predict" the price of 0 breed axies that are not popular based on our heuristics.

R1R2 ONLY filter: This is a super hyped feature that we are yet to launch but already working towards. This is an even nicher way to find great axies. The api doesn't allow you to "ask" for these things so you have to filter some characteristics first and then look at these gens. There are a couple of hurdles but we are sure something will be avaiable in the next few weeks

Breeding calculator: Most breeding calculators can give you the probabilities each part has to show up but some of them don't show the most likely combination of skills in order of likeliness.

On top of that you can instantly calculate the average price of said breed based on the average of each combination of genes possible for that particular couple of axies.

Breeding locator: What if you could input a particular set of skills you want an axie to have and a program was able to find different combinations of axies in the market that have the highest likelihood (or the cheapest ones at a decent likelihood) to output that axie ? This is also one future feature that we are working on that is a game changer imo. It pretty much is a combination of tools we already have avaiable in our bot but aren't ready to be combined in one single tool just yet.

Alarms: You want to be notified of all 45 speed beasts that also have perfect nut cracker and axie kiss? Maybe you are looking for a pvp axie that is rare and probably stays in the market for minutes-hours until its purchased? You can set an alarm and be notified every X 20mins, hour, etc.

When I first started the bot I wanted to have it public and free with donations being a way to sustain it but talking to my programer friend and some axie people I quickly realized that this idea is probably not ideal. Right now the API is totally open (which is probably why axie had huge network problems 1 month ago) which also means axie monitors their network and literally removes IPs that request way too many things at once. Our bot by nature requests a shit ton of things at once (it scans the market for thousands and thousands of different builds in the breeding calculator all at once) and we were afraid it would quickly be removed or banned by sky mavis. This is why we use a point system

Every action in the bot costs a different amount of points:

  1. Alarm notifications costs 1coin/notification (standard is 1hour)
  2. Looking for an archetype "market search with r1r2 filter" costs 2 coins
  3. Breed calculator costs 5 coins

If you join our discord server you can learn more about the prices and stuff! Hope you guys enjoy this 🙂

Also hit me up on twitter if you prefeer that


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