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UPDATE to my previous 33 AXIES stolen post

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Hello all,

I'm making a second post to clarify a couple of points and a comment on the first one wouldn't be enough.

First of all, thank you all for mentioning trezor, I know that chances are this would save me. Nevertheless, I don't need hindsight.

Now to my main point.
The reason why I decided to make the original post was to make sure people know, that even if they are as careful as they can be, it is still possible for them to lose their Axies. I took a lot of precautions investigated all the options that I have found thus far and I still don't know how anybody could have gotten access to my account. The fact that my Metamask account was not compromised makes everything even more confusing.

I was hoping that if the post gets enough traction, it could lead to developers taking some action, for instance banning the axies (even if it were to be temporary), reach out so I can have a conversation with them and try to figure out what went wrong and what to do or at least acknowledge that something happened.

I received one message from u/Elijah-Addiso and after I asked if he can prove his credentials I received no further answers. That is the extent of the communications I received.

What did actually happen is that the post got enough traction that the hacker was alerted and started mass-selling all of the axies on the account. I was afraid of this happening and this is the reason why I waited so long to post anything about it. The nice part is that once again, it is quite difficult to track what is happening since the axie marketplace account and the expanded ronin account show two completely different amounts and transactions. Because just like the day when my axies were stolen the ronin blockchain seems to be malfunctioning.

At the moment the marketplace is showing 24 axies out of 45 left and all of them for sale:

While the ronin chain is showing 45/45 with a couple of marketplace interactions being the only thing changed:

So far I have found at least 5 different ronin accounts that seem to be connected to the one receiving the axies (Lucifer #011115) and I plan to investigate further. I am almost certain about one account designed to buy axies from the hackers to make them "clean".

I would be more than happy to help other people trace Axies stolen from their accounts.

To end this post and hammer out why this needs more attention.

Since I wrote the original post, the hacker has been alerted, is attempting to hide his trail and also added another 10,5 ETH to the end ETH address. This is a problem happening through the whole crypto community and the posts about stolen Axies are here all the time. It is not a good solution to blame a victim for not buying a trezor or telling them that its their own fault for typing their seed phrase into a fake ronin app or whatever else (I'm talking about the apple one in particular), although I know that in many cases it is user negligence that leads to the loss. I believe that MavisHub has the ability and funds to help people secure their accounts better. And failing that, they have the ability to make the theft unprofitable. If the stolen axies get banned, the hacker has less of an incentive to keep going.

I will do my best to find this one and I hope somebody from the developers can talk to me so I can present my findings to them.


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