Call of Duty Black Ops 4

A very awful returning multiplayer experience

This isnt my first time playing BO4, as when it first launched I bought it immediately and was quickly disappointed. Everyone knows how horrendous the game was at launch with constant crashing, spawns were fucked up, and the introduction of micro-transactions that filled half the game. The only thing that I could find even remotely playable was the Zombies, which was still such a disgusting awful mess at launch, just like all the other game modes, but it was Zombies which I've grown up playing and have loved since BO1. But after a little bit of contemplating I decided to just uninstall it and all of its "Massive" content for space for a better game like fallout 76 lol. But after about 2 years I wanted to make a return to it to see how its changed and yo try the new Zombie maps. When I reinstalled it, I immediately got addicted to the Zombies gameplay again which was actually playable this time, I was having fun. I grinded all the way to my first prestige and got couple weapons fully leveled out with they're prestieges (Which the reward for a weapon prestige is absolute dogshit, being unable to actually see the tag on it for most of the game). But then I tried multiplayer and oh my good fuckung lord has it changed for the worse. I was lvl 1 so I of course for some reason still couldn't actually make a class that I could play with, and while looking for a game, I couldn't find anyone so it loaded me into a game full of prestieges and high level players. This is a huge red flag due to the fact that everyone around me had equipment 1000× better than mine, armour which should've been removed a long time ago, and score streaks that last half the match. Once an enemy got a sniper helicopter it was just a barrage of spawn killing and waiting in a house. For most of the match I want even able to play the fucking game without being insta killed by a helicopter that lasts forever and hellstorm missiles from the other players. It was just an absolute unplayable clusterfuck which reminded my to never touch multiplayer in this game again. But the prop hunt game mode was actually pretty cool…if you arent really bad at hiding lol. The new zombies maps were cool and all but still lacked the satisfaction and the continuous story from BO3. I personally cant wait for the next game only to find out how tf Medusa is going to get her head chopped off. The Chaos story left me on the edge of my seat with a huge plot twist and changing the villain of the story we grew to understand and brought more questions to the table. I've played blackout, it's alright, but not really a huge fan of battle royales when I'm solo. But in all, fuck multiplayer, it only changed for the worse and I endorse people to give zombies a chance if they want to play the game without the toxic bullshit that you have to deal with in multiplayer.

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