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ABR-223 and why it’s the quiet kid with something in it’s backpack

I've posted about this before, but the ABR kinda sucks. Like, a lot. I mean, since the DLC weapons came into the picture you could say it's better than the M16, but not really. The M16 knows what it is. If you have High Caliber 1 and 2 and hit all 3 shots to the upper chest, it's one of the best guns in the game, and if you don't it's one of the worst. It's the Rampart of tactical rifles.

The ABR sits in a weird place where it's not great at anything, and sucks at most things. Tell me: is there any other gun in this game where the operator mod is the only thing that makes it somewhat viable? I can't think of any. Using the ABR without the op mod is a lesson in masochism, using it WITH the op mod is a lesson in mediocrity. It's not the Auger or Rampart where "if you have the right attachments you're gonna dominate" nor is it the VAPR or Swordfish where "you're not the best for every situation, but you're well-rounded."

I mean, every gun in the game will beat the ABR at one range or another. So the crux of the ABR is that the entire enemy team is using MX9s on Icebreaker, and you map them? That doesn't sound like a very viable gun. Take the same match on Icebreaker, and half the guns in the game will beat you at the ABR's most effective range, and the rest will beat you if you try to get closer.

Of course a good player can do well with the ABR, as I have done. But I know a good gun from a bad gun, and the ABR is a bad gun. It's not a jack of all trades, it's a jack of "I exist and I can shoot people if you want me to". Together with the Echohawk it is the most underwhelming and underpowered gun in the game, the only difference is the ABR isn't a DLC weapon, so there's no excuse for it being as ineffectual as it is. Sometimes I think the only reason they added the Echohawk is so the ABR wouldn't feel lonely as the worst primary weapon in the game.

This isn't a "OMG that guy killed me at long range with an ICR, this gun SUCKS" post. I regularly find myself at the top of the scoreboard even with an ABR, but I've never had a situation where I say "I couldn't have clutched that match if I'd been using a VAPR, thank you ABR". If you don't believe me, just hear what Xclusive Ace has had to say about the ABR pretty much since BO4 launched.

Any skilled player can do well with it, but ask yourself: if you were going up against a player as skilled as you, using a VMP, VKM, ICR, KN-57, etc., would you really pick the ABR to knock them off their pedestal? If you had to try-hard against a good player, would the ABR be your go-to?

I'm pretty sure the answer is a resounding NO. There's a reason nobody uses this weapon, and they didn't use it much back at this game's peak either. Hint: it's because it's garbage. As someone who can get really good games with both it and the Echohawk, I feel like I'm qualified to say that it SUCKS.


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