Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Fortnite vibes anyone? And overall annoyance from characters?

Does anyone feel like Blackout is simply Fortnite but with unlockable incentives? I play on PS4 and it just feels like everyone is playing fortnite. Ya know what I'm talking about right? Jump shots, camping, all the above. It's just too god damn sweaty and the severs are trash where I am. Yes I have played blackout enough to know this, if you want even more of an explanation I have Platinum on PS4 from the pain and suffering that are character unlocks {Specials from the god send known as the 1.10 Patch,Icons,Zombies and even the IX crew which I should say are NOT tied to Zombie Fanatic} and not once have I felt that the servers have been "smooth" at all. Runs in 60fps,half the time it lags out of nowhere, ya get kicked from lobbies randomly cause somehow in the year 2021 Call of Duty still has "Lost Host Connection" on console, you get shot out of nowhere which to me is normal in MP but not in blackout as everyone uses level 3 Armor and Trauma Kits similar to how in Nitefort you can drink the blue poison to boost your health and use that armor system to not kill yourself in one hit. If you want to be on the topic of skins, unless you're me or the 0.1% of people on the whole of PlayStation Network who have platinum I think the buyable skins {Misty,Marlton,Russman,Stuhlinhger,and the DLC characters they added} are more cool than the unlocks. Unlike Fortnite where everything is buyable,Blackout is RNG which makes total sense for the trophies, but it's a complete and utter nightmare if you're like me who's not good and hates RNG. The hatred goes for characters like Shaw,Mason,Reznov and Scarlett whereas others such as Diego and Bruno are super common to come across for both the IX and Normal versions. And to add the words camping you have to camp for so many of these items and missions. Characters in this include Richtofen,Demspey and Nikolai as two prime examples with others like Menendez and Takeo being on the higher up. Dempsey and Menendez for the kills they need {Dempsey a grenade,Menendez the two shotgun kills} and a lot of others for the placements.

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Let's do a little math here. If we're talking about 14 specialist character outfits,4 icon characters,all 4 of the IX crew and the 8 zombie characters required for Zombie Fanatic {30 missions in total} almost all of them you have to camp for. 9 of the 30 because of the stupid placement requirements, Frank Woods is a whole win entirely assuming you're good enough for one of those {or 10 for the Not A Fluke achievement}, and then the other 20 characters are all keep the item in your inventory assuming you can do the task before dying. So if we're just talking Solos because squads and duos have different requirements, you have to deal with 30 character items, a ton of spots for RNG Spawn Points along with supply drops for things like the War Machine and Locket,9 placement requirements,1 win and 20 other character missions to have everyone done. If I didn't have it,I could've gathered up about 30 reserve crates in Zombies or Multiplayer to unlock the hot as f*ck bada** known as Abigail Misty Briarton in Blackout or found a date on Tinder and had a very good time {If ya get what I mean> in the amount of time it has taken me to write this post.

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"Good Day,Und Goodbye" – Doctor Edward Richtofen,Shadows Of Evil


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