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I kind of don’t love how the spawns work in this

One thing that I've not really been too crazy about with this game is the spawns, which is a really common complaint in COD but I think BO4 has a unique methodology in place.

It feels notably different than BO3, where even being vaguely present in a location would usually disallow the enemy team to spawn there, with exceptions on Nuketown and possible Skyjacked. That's part of the reason I've made this thread, the whole spawning system feels kind of off by comparison and I wanted to see if I'm crazy or not.

I've just been playing TDM and the main takeaway that I've had is that the game really, really, wants to spawn players in the initial spawn locations from when the game started. So for example I find that on Summit the game tends to spawn players on either side of the map and conditions have to be VERY unusual for the spawns to deviate from that. Typically COD games all do this to a certain extent, but I've found that other games in the series will attempt to spawn players somewhere totally different than the initial spawn locations, like for example if you play Summit in Black Ops 1, the game will on occasion spawn your team on the cliffside or actually in the center building if both spawn locations are locked down. BO4 by contrast really, really doesn't want to do that and I'm not entirely sure what the conditions are for it to actually happens. I'm assuming it might be line of sight, since I've stood within five feet of spawns before and enemies were still spawning there so long as I wasn't looking.

I assume the reason it works this way so that the Tactical Deploy becomes more valuable. Which makes sense, in TDM in particular there's usually not a huge incentive to use it in contrast to objective-based modes.

I think the system is bad though. Part of the problem is that the initial spawns on each map are often not even remotely equal. Look at Grind as an example: the initial spawn in the skatepark has an incredibly long line of sight from the middle of the map to the spawn, very little cover, longer routes to the side lanes and less overall overhead cover to protect against streaks. Meanwhile the other side of the map is completely different: getting into the main building is very simple, both side lanes are immediately available (and more easily defended), more cover of both types is available and so on.

One thing that has made this very apparent on Grind in particular is the play of the game feature: maybe like 50-60% of the matches I've played on Grind feature the best play being someone killing the people in the skatepark spawn incredibly easily from the inside of the building far away. I've literally seen the recording start with killing a few people, the player backs up, then goes back and kills the exact same people again, in the exact same spot.

Grind is particularly notable because it was a popular map in BO2 and I don't ever really remember this kind of thing being so consistent. It was of course possible to kill people in the same way, but the game would generally be like "oh uh someone is killing them seconds after they spawn, time to give them a different spawn point." BO4 seems really hesitant to do that.

Other maps with highly asymmetrical spawns are in the same boat, Morocco is also pretty bad for this, with the West spawn in particular (the one with the long stairs leading up to the center of the map) being rough. Jungle Flooded is another example, since one spawn is pretty much immediately next to the best camping position in the map (I probably don't even need to say where it is but the hut area next to the broken bridge) being much closer to one of the spawns and far easier to defend from it.

I don't think the spawns are ruining the game or anything like that, but it's incredibly exploitable and very easily leads to cheese. It sucks to be on the receiving end of and it feels kind of greasy to take advantage of. I get why they maybe rewired the spawns to be more strict in where they put you, but I don't think it's the best implementation ever.


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