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I’m a proud KN supporter who believes that the VMP should be impeached.

Content of the article: "I’m a proud KN supporter who believes that the VMP should be impeached."

Let’s admit it folks, this conversation has been long overdue. The VMPs have taken over our battlegrounds, and it’s time to stop this threat.

As a proud KN supporter, I am here as a witness to the wrongdoings of our leader the VMP.

VMP has committed treason on multiple accounts, and I’m here to open a few eyes and hopefully spark a discussion.

Offense #1:

The constitution of BO4 states that any high crimes or any acts of treason against the community must result in impeachment if committed by the leader of lobbies. (The VMP)

The VMP has clearly committed the crime of treason, as it has completely disregarded the 2nd amendment and has gotten away with it on multiple accounts. The VMP has taken countless lives, specifically the lives of our hardworking citizens of these lobbies who plan to exercise their right to bear arms. Luckily, these amazing citizens have fought back for a while, but the onslaught is clearly unjustified, and is therefore clearly against this community.

2nd offense:

The BO4 Consitution states that any misdemeanors made by our leader of lobbies must result in impeachment.

One clear misdemeanor made by the VMP is the act of Trespass. It’s very clear to see that the VMP wasn’t even meant to be in the game. Thus, the trespassing of our leader of lobbies is clearly a misdemeanor and must result in its impeachment. The VMPs have trespassed on KN lands, and we WILL NOT stand for this any longer.

3rd Offense:

The VMP has committed yet another misdemeanor that has gone long unnoticed. The act of driving under the influence. These VMP users have only one goal, to ruin this community. That exact influence is what is tearing this community apart. AS DEFENDERS OF THIS COMMUNITY, we KN users MUST fight back against this act of treason.

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Conclusion: I have stated 3 offenses made by the VMP, and it is the job of the people to decide the fate of this community. Will you stand with the KNs? Or will you stand for the killer of happiness in lobbies? Choose wisely folks, and thanks for reading. God bless.


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