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New to BO4 – opinions?

Over the past two years, I have hardly paid any attention to gaming. So little in fact that I assumed that BO4 had advanced movement features and therefore never even considered playing it when it was new. When Warzone was released, I got back into gaming and got the urge to play Call of Duty once again. The free multiplayer weekends had shown me that MW (2019) was not for me and so I decided to give BO4 a go.

Over the past 10 days or so, I have put about 24 hours into the game and now feel ready to give my opinion on it. I am also interested in hearing what everyone else thinks.

This is a fairly good CoD in my opinion. Although I decided not to play IW, AW and only have 12 hours in BO3 multiplayer, I imagine this is one of the better ones in recent years. However, I do believe this game has so many bullshit ways to die on a level which I haven't seen in any game since MW2.

The most frustrating part of this game for me is the specialists. In my opinion most of the deaths I get from people using the ones with lethal abilities feel undeserved. The tempest for example is strong to the point that competing with someone with this weapon is unrealistic. If you come up against someone using it, the only relevant variables are that they have the weapon and you don't. It doesn't seem to matter how well you are playing or how big the skill gap is between the two of you. When you find yourself in this situation, you die virtually 100% of the time.

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Even the non-lethal specialists are very powerful, it seems like I rarely have access to the mini-map while playing as so many people choose to use the hacker. Many times I have gotten my score streaks only to then be killed by them as they are hacked and stolen from me. It seems lame that its possible to steal someones hard earned rewards and turn it against them just because you chose to spawn in with this ability.

Another popular specialist is torque. The abilities you get from playing as this character make it incredibly easy to camp. I was never a fan of the guardian as a kill streak when it was in BO2 but now its back as a shield you can sit behind and spray people down as they get caught in the radiation. The first game of BO4 I played was domination on Jungle Flooded and I thought I was going to hate the game after playing that. The entire enemy team camped in the hut above the B flag while using the barbed wire and the shield to block pathways to them which made for a bad first experience. Afterwards, I found that not all of the maps were like this but I do believe Jungle Flooded is the worst domination map I have played in any CoD ever.

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The best part of BO4 in my opinion is the gun play. I enjoy the high health and the feel of the guns. The only downside is it seems like some of the best guns in the game have to be purchased with real life money, is there any way around this? I have been getting destroyed by the MicroMG 9mm but definitely will not be spending money to own it myself.

Overall, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being BO2 which was the peak of this series in my opinion) I would give this game a 6. Without specialists, pay to win and maybe if they toned down the kill streaks a little bit I think this would have been one of the best CoD games, instead it is something I enjoy and that makes me optimistic about the next Treyarch game but not something ill look back on in 10 years and think about how good it was. What do other people think of this game? I don't even know if the consensus is that this was a good or bad CoD.


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