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Why I exclude some deaths from my self-made combat record

I'm still butthurt that they never added an in-game combat record to this game. They put one in the companion app, but once MW came out it disappeared into the ether. Combat records are an invaluable tool for measuring all aspects of your performance; if you're doing well with one class setup or if you need to switch things up. So I made my own.

It goes a fair bit farther than any other CR in the games, but I like it that way. It's a comprehensive number-based representation of my performance in the game. Since I'm the one who's recording all the numbers game after game, I'm also in charge of the criteria.

For one, when I'm recording KD ratios for specific guns, I don't include killstreak kills. That's how combat records work after all, so no surprise there. But there are a lot of deaths on the scoreboard that I don't include when I write the tally for that match.

The biggest one is specialist weapons. Any specialist weapon or equipment with the ability to kill or assist in killing doesn't count as a death in my combat record. Why? The vast majority are overpowered and just free kills. I try to balance the exclusions on the basis of "could I have reasonably escaped or avoided that death?" If the answer is no, I don't count the death.

Naturally, almost every specialist ability and equipment falls under this category. The only exceptions are crash's abilities, sensor dart, 9-bang, EMP grenade, hawk, and vision pulse. 9-bang can be deadly, but it takes skill to know when to use it. If you get the kill on me with 9-bang, that's fair. I allow vision pulse because it's what I use, and it would be hypocritical to not count deaths from it.

As for weapons, there are only two weapons that I will exclude deaths from. The crossbow, and the SG12 with operator mod. It comes back to the basic question: could I have reasonably avoided that death? With these two weapons, the answer is usually no. There are exceptions, of course. If someone gets me with the crossbow or SG12 from behind, that's fair game. Had they been using any other weapon, it's unlikely I'd have survived anyways. If I'm tackling a group of enemies and my health is down but a crossbow manages to take me out, that also counts as a deserved death. In a frontal assault, however, these guns (especially crossbow) are very difficult to really compete with. The crossbow shouldn't even be in the game in it's current state, but the best I can do is ignore these deaths, since 90% of the time they're truly inescapable.

Those are pretty much the only deaths I don't count. The only other possible exception is a Thresher or Gunship taking me out within seconds of spawning, which isn't too often. To circumvent this, I'll switch to the default Titan class with cold blooded. If I was using the GKS before they called the gunship and I switched to the default class, obviously my deaths on that class won't be counted against the GKS.

It's not a perfect system, but I try to be fair in my exemption of deaths. I'm not trying to arbitrarily boost my personally-recorded stats, but if I didn't disregard deaths from overpowered specialist weapons and crossbows, a lot of the guns I use would be doing much worse stat-wise than they really should be, and it wouldn't be an accurate representation of how viable those guns are.

Now if some strapped-for-cash games journalist lifts this entire post for an article, I'm gonna start throwing out DMCAs.


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