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Obligatory "this didn't happen today" disclaimer. This actually happened a decent amount of time ago, before I took a short break from Crossout. It's just such a bizarre experience that it's been stuck in my head all this time and I had to share it.

So I was in an easy raid with a rando. You don't really get a lot of players in Asia server so it's pretty normal to have raids with just 2 people.

We were playing the raid mode where you have to capture 2 gens, defend an area and then escort a truck. While defending the zone I realized my teammate was just sitting in a corner not doing anything.

At this time I just assumed he was afk (or afk farming). I was a little upset but I decided to power through and finish the raid on my own since I didn't want to waste the fuel.

I queued up for easy raid again and matched with the same dude, since the Asia playerbase is just that tiny.

This time however, instead of just sitting in one spot s/he just started driving circuits around the entire map, not shooting anything and halfway through the defense portion s/he dropped this bomb on me:


In case the image above doesn't load he said in chat: "WANT TO BE A HERO AND NOT A TEA,M MATE PANZER DIS WHAT YOU GET!"

We ended up exchanging words (throwing names) in chat after that. Thankfully there were no GMs around and we eventually got to the crux of the matter.

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You see I was at 10k PS and s/he was at 7~8k, I can't quite recall. Anyone who's at 10k PS will tell you that you're basically an unstoppable force of nature in easy raids. It's fairly easy to kill enemies and they can't really hurt you so I was just going around crushing bots with my (admittedly not raid optimized) melee build.

So essentially this guy was taking offense at my not taking it easy during the raid. Apparently there's some unwritten rule that it's proper etiquette to take it easy during an easy raid if you're at a high PS. I'm supposed to be chilling out and letting him kill stuff while I take a leisurely stroll through the enemy horde and occasionally chainsaw someone when things get dicey.

The argument fizzled out when s/he said, and I quote: "I bet you're the type to always go gung ho in a match"

And I'm just… Yeah, not that I'm gonna excessively tryhard in every single match/raid, but I'm not going to intentionally underperform. That's just a waste of precious time.

TLDR: got matched with a lower PS player that got mad because I was killing things too quickly. Said player decided to troll and then we exchanged words.


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