Anti Wedge Build

Do I have your attention? good, what you watched was a four minute video of me testing 20 types of wedge builds against my own bumper design, even added a couple Tusk Rammer clips using my main MG Truck as a test dummy

The anti wedge project began in late december of 2020, what you just saw in the video is the most successful of the prototypes

I say prototype because it has only a 90% chance to stop a wedge: terrain slopes, bumpy roads, angle ramming, or going down hills are the only things that lower the effectiveness of my blueprint

That or taking 5 to 6 direct hits from a cannon.

I have spent several hours working on this design, using a five ton dummy build as a base <5000kg>

The wedge builds that i have used for this test are as light as 6 tons

To as heavy as 12 tons with various bumper/blade distributions

The bumper is made out of 6 parts: two tank spikes, two military bumpers, one dawn children blade and a random heavy bumper

The way it works is by dragging the bumper in front of your car, inclining the vehicle and reducing the chance that a wedge can get under it

Why am i showing you this? because im sick of this meta


Im sick of assholes going around with a cookie cutter shotgun/wedge combo and declaring themselves a pro player, and everyone else that does not use it is called a noob

Crossout has lost too many new faces because their car was rendered defenseless as soon as a wedge hit it

Its a frustrating feeling spending hours apon hours designing your battle truck for it to be nullified within 3 seconds by a five minute skilles wedge build

And the developers ignored this issue aswell. They could of added a mechanic where if your car is several times heavier than the wedge, it would take DoT damage based on like 5% of your weight per second. Instead they gave us a slowing down mechanic.. like thats gona fucking help the issue

So you know what im going to do?

Im going to kill every wedge clan or casuals outhere by putting my blueprint into the exhibition so anyone can use it to fuck YOU and your clan mates into the dirt

I could of kept this design to myself, even could of started my own clan using this bumper design

Instead I am giving everyone a fighting chance against the meta by making the blueprint available to everyone

You can find it at the exhibition under the name AWB-S for small/medium wheels and tank tracks, and AWB-XL for big wheel builds

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I have yet to start making a spider legs one, but i think some of you will figure that out before me

Understand that you are not invincible, you will still need to degun/destroy them using your own weapon setup

All im doing is giving you an ace against them, how you use it is up to you

Oh and feel free to make your own designs and spread them over the exhibition

Because I am VERY sure that a couple of salty bitches are going to report me as soon as this becomes popular

Now go outhere and make some wedge boys cry


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