Best gun to buy for hard raids?

Fairly new to the game I've only got access to a handful of blues weapons and one or two from the tier above so far, and am looking to spend some coins on something that'll give me a bit more firepower for hard raids.

I'm completing them pretty much always (occasionally have to use repair kits) and getting ok scores on the board, but feels like it'd be worth spending money on something that can do more damage. I know the difficulty ramps up with PS, but apparently they reduced that effect at some point, and in my experience high PS builds (with other high PS players) is more effective than low ones.

Currently I'm usually running 4 x Vectors and a radiator.

I also bought a pack recently that included some M37 Piercers so sometimes i mix them up with the Vectors, depending on the map/faction/etc. More effective at close range (the burst can come in handy too) but i'm not sure they're better overall against the accuracy of the Vectors. (Some of each seems like a nice blend.)

My first thought was to buy an upgrade in the Vector line but the Sinus is identical except for the up-to 20%-without-missing perk, the "up-to" being important because averaged you don't get anywhere near that. So it's better but not by much. Specter looked great at first glance then i noticed the extra energy, and doing the maths – 3 x Specters vs 4 x Vectors is again identical except for the perk. Specter's perk is up to 40%, but averaged out you're going to get much less than that, and i'm still thinking there must be something better out there?

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Ideally not energy weapons because i just enjoy games with mechanical realism-based weapons and not really into the "pew pew pew" scifi theme, nothing against it just personally it's not for me. But if there's an energy weapon that is absolutely hands down by far the best i might consider it.

I know it's been asked before, but the devs are constantly tinkering with the mechanics so old advice is difficult to know whether it's still valid.


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