Bronze’s Build: Rocket Rally (Functional PvE Build)

Well, the timeline I gave to u/Shadowcommando9 was off, but in my defense I sold my Hovers and had difficulties getting 'em back until the pack sale. (Unrelated, but I didn't forget you either, u/sir2fluffy2 or u/SIGMA920, I'm just incredibly lazy). Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of the build considerations were listed in the first hyperlink. As such, this is primarily a 'showcase' of the build I was referring to; the (available as 'HDPb RocketRally' on the Xbox Exhibition).

Build Details

Using the Dusk cabin, it should come as no surprise that this build runs Homing Rockets… 6 Pyres, to be exact. At <10k PS by using a GasGen, we also are able to squeeze in an Oppressor for higher acceleration and the fastest reload speed we can muster, a Chameleon Mk 1 (because the Mk2 has a disgusting shape) for repositioning while reloading, and a Doppler radar so that you don't have to spend half of each wave in Frontier Defense trying to find out which direction the enemies are coming from. With a single Expanded Ammo Pack, we get 13 rockets per Pyre (78 total), and get ~2 rockets per Pyre back from a 4-player ammo pickup.

Build Use

Speaking of FD, this is primarily where I saw use of the build; the fire-and-forget but high-damage weaponry, high maneuverability, and ammo efficiency saw it swiftly (<10min per run) mopping up enemies (moreso if they have explosives on them) when I was grinding Plastic. As a result, the Pyres are top-mounted and the build is front-heavy in order to give you short but clear sightlines on enemies, and the build lacks its normal Fuel Barrel and Tank (though we still have the Radio because sharing is caring).

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This brute continually out-performs higher-PS builds, and ensures a high score that more efficiently turns your Fuel into resources. As shown in the above image and explained in the original comment, I generally run 3 Pyres (front and rear rows), as one batch (on non-explosive Normal enemies or explosive Hard enemies) tends to kill/cripple regulars, and two perform likewise on Bruisers. You can alternatively run 2-Pyre firing groups (columns) if you want increased control on your rocket use, but I found it personally unnecessary. FWIW, hitting all rockets on a Ringleader tends to kill them in three to four full volleys. Please note that the below image is a slightly lower powerscore due to using 4x Small Tracks instead of Hovers + Large Fenders.

Build Adaptation

So I suggest an entirely different style of build in PvP, but you can do a few tweaks to this build to help with budget constraints in PvE;

  • Downgrade the Radar; you don't NEED the extra range for combat (Pyre Dusks can only lock-on to enemies within 150m, regardless of radar range), but I find it useful for determining enemy direction. For similar reasons, I run a L5+ Master Jack.
  • Downgrade the Generator; using an Ampere or Big G (which fit nicely in the Dusk's wheel well, opposite the Expanded Ammo Packs and in front of the hologram; see image below) saves PS, and allows you to shed modules you may not find as-important. You can probably be fine without the Chameleon entirely, but I'd strongly recommend keeping the Oppressor. If you remove the Radar as well, you will need a non-energy radar (which can be mounted vertically on the butt of the build) and/or teammates running recon modules. You can also reduce the number of Pyres you have, but I found 4 to be too few to shoot as partial volleys, and 5 to be awkward due to the TTK disparity between 2 and 3 rockets against most enemies.
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  • Downgrade the Ammo; if you only have regular Ammo Packs, you can simple swap out the Expanded pack, and potentially add additional packs underneath the 1×8 frames.
  • Downgrade the Movement; keep the Large Fenders for most wheel adaptations, or remove them and replace with 4x Small Tracks. You will only be able to go 90kph, but it should be more-than-enough for most maps, and the front melee shield should prevent most flipping problems. Note you'll lose your slant unless running something like Bigfoot + Stallion (possible if you place the top bumpers horizontal, facing backwards rather than vertical, and move the bottom bumpers up one).
  • Optional Upgrade; get a Chameleon Mk2 in the build. You'd likely want to rework frames for better results, but could fit it vertically between the rear hovers after replacing the 6×4 with a 1×6 frame.
  • Rework the Front; going to be difficult while keeping the weight imbalance, but can probably be done with a higher net PS with something like a Train Plow. Screeners + APC Bumpers in the way I have them arranged perform VERY well, as the Screeners' partial damage pass-through allows them to last longer than the Bumpers (and for the Engine to soak some damage, which is fine with its high durability), and I used it similarly to great effect in PvP (though not on a Pyre build). You can also attach 'struts' to the APC Bumpers to prevent them from only being attached via the Screener, but I was already close to 10kPS so I didn't bother with it.
  • Suggested: Replace the GasGen with an Ampere, remove the Doppler, replace the 1×8 frames with a 6×4 and 2×4, and add a RS-1/RD-1/RD-2 on the rear of the build. Replace the Expanded Ammo Pack with regular ammo as needed.
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