Bronze’s Build: Seaplane (Functional Art Build)

Content of the article: "Bronze’s Build: Seaplane (Functional Art Build)"

Hey folks, made a build that I'm pretty proud of, and I need to share it on the (Xbox) Exhibition anyway to open up a blueprint slot, so I figured I'd do the honours of making it an 'official' release; meet my first art build, the Seaplane! Available on the Xbox Exhibition under 'HDPb Seaplane', by Bronzebreak.

Build Details

Though lacking a propeller, this build is fully functional for use at just over 4k PS; using all 80 part slots available in a garage vehicle, it includes an exterior Radar and enclosed Radio, Fuel Tank and Barrel, and CS Taymyr cooler. Using Meat Grinders to move, it is able to zip around the battlefield with increased speed and style due to its Golden Eagle engine, and the weaponry (currently 4x LM-54 Chord) and internals can be easily rearranged to accommodate better weaponry and an enclosed Big G or Ampere generator.

Build Background

Going through Air Cadets as a kid, I was ecstatic at the opportunity to make a plane once I saw the Wyvern cabin and 'Geegle' engine. My original plan was to include landing gear wheels and Augur 'bombs' on the underside and style it more heavily towards a WW1/2 bomber, but that fell through once I obtained the Meat Grinders and noticed how massive (and finicky-to-place) they are! Noticing instead their rather pronounced capsule shape, I was able to adapt my original idea to now serve as a land-locked (sorry folk; no energy for boosters!) seaplane.

I originally tried getting a propeller and an enclosed air-intake section on the front, but due to parts limitations had to remove both. I've additionally kept some details on the wings and tail (despite being part-count-heavy, and not quite capturing the look I was going for) because I felt that the overall build quality suffered without them, even though they currently have an 'unfinished' look (especially the wing's backside).

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Took about 5 hours to build (after many revisions), and primarily uses Nomad parts, with a sprinkling of Steppenwolfs and Lunatics.

Hope you guys enjoy it even half as much as I do!


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