Access Level: Intermediate.
Explorer Ochre’s report on meeting Cache, the Ravager hunter.

A lone hunter found me himself – he came to the camp, took out a small notebook from the glove compartment and sat down by the fire. I was surprised by the expression on his face, the combination of aggression, subtle insanity and…melancholy.

— People say the truth — you are one of the chroniclers, right?

I heard the appeal to "you" not among colleagues, probably ten years ago.

“Yes”. The Order of the Fallen Star preserves the memory of the Wasteland and its inhabitants.

“Then…” — Cache fiddled with a notebook in his hands and looked me straight in the eyes. — Please, write down what I will tell you. Just in case.

His gaze was colored with a new emotion — determination. I would have tried to ask Cache about everything anyway, but now I wanted it even more.

—May I ask for which particular case?

Cache did not answer right away — before that, he opened his notebook on the first page and ran his eyes along the lines.

“Yes”. In case the anterograde amnesia gets worse and I forget everything. I lived in the Valley even before the crossout, I worked in a company. And I lived after – until I was caught by the Ravagers.


The hunter spoke slowly, checking his notes on his notebook now and then.

“You yourself know what they…” — Cache wiggled his fingers near his forehead. — What they are doing with your head. Now my every day disappears into darkness, I remember only what was before the Ravagers, and what I have time to write down.

Cache stroked the frayed spine of his notebook.

— I won't stop until I kill them all, but… In case my memory withers away and I don’t remember where to read who I was, I want you to write down the truth about me and people like me.

Cache told me about himself — about his childhood, about his family, about the wife he had lost. As he spoke, I noticed that all this information was also written down in his notebook, although he clearly did not forget it.

For a person who is losing the past, memories, as expected, were of the highest value.

E. Ochre

The portrait “Cache” is currently available to players. It can be obtained in the “Polymorph” pack.


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