I have built
the copter
that wasn't

and which
you were probably
to get nerfed

Forgive me
the flight was delicious
so sweet
and so broken

Hello, survivors!

A new day — a new update. You can expect: a redesigned system of co-drivers, changes in hovers, Ẕ̴̖̐A̴̳̞̩͆Ļ̶͙̘͉͔͖̄̾̇͘̕͠G̶͎͍̣͎̒̿͌̃̕O̷̷̡̫͈̟̜̩̱̩̔̅̀̋̔̿̌̿͑̔ͅ and much more!
Let’s go!


Have you ever wanted to face a real tank or even a spaceship while driving through the Wasteland in your armoured vehicle? Your wish has been granted!
As of today, the universes of Crossout, War Thunder and Star Conflict are merged into one. Battles will take place on new huge maps, among which there are “Notanormandy” and “Waterlol”. You will encounter the vehicles from all three games in the same battle, however there won’t be any balancing based on their type. Encountered an orbital juggernaut with your “wedge”? Suffer. We have realism now.

Co-driver system rework

We promised you to rework the co-drivers system a long time ago. After hours of discussion, hundreds of hours of working over design documents and dozens of toppled cups of green tea, we decided that the current system was not satisfactory at the conceptual level, and that it should be completely abandoned.
The co-drivers are replaced by navigators — completely new game entities, each with their own name and history, always ready to brighten your evening with a conversation.
Each navigator is able to learn a number of unique skills.
Skill system was copied from the current skills of co-drivers without any changes.

Exclusivity of entering the game

Also, we thought and decided that our game is like an exquisite restaurant dish. You can’t have too much of it. Therefore, from today, the entry to the game will be available only during promotions, which will be held on holidays and other memorable dates. The next such promotion is scheduled for the birthday of our design designer, in a couple of weeks’ time.

Migration of the “Reaper copters”

Due to recent events, the buildologists expect a large migration of so-called reaper copters to warm regions. Experts believe that such migration is caused by discontent with the laws of gravity in the Wasteland.
We strongly recommend all survivors to look at the sky — there is a chance of getting hit by a hail of bullets from those lagging behind.

New unique complex raid

When it is launched, all your shortcomings will be listed in the most unfavourable light for you. Complexes are ensured.
There are no rewards, not even a duck. Consider it a gift that this is over.

Clan battles

The map “Rock city” has been returned to the clan battles rotation.
Developer comment: We took into account the wishes of our players. Now, if your team has at least one build on mechanical legs, then your entire team begins the battle at the capture point.

Battle queue time

The waiting time for battles in all modes is adjusted to the level of the “Winter brawl 2021”. Now you will have plenty of time to get some tea, pet the cat and walk the dog!

Experimental combat system

We have often heard from players that we get very distracted by various unnecessary nuances in the game development process. We agree with you. To avoid unnecessary distractions, battles will now be conducted in a “die roll” format: once teams are formed, each player can roll an interactive and very beautiful playing cube. The team with the highest score wins. If the amount is equal, the team with a higher total cost of storage wins.

Machine gun “Hornet”

A third copy of the object was stolen by ██████ while being transported to its destination. Responsible personnel are ordered to act in accordance with instruction 144a.

Further information is only available to personnel with access level O5.

Cabin “Favourite”

Due to recent changes, the name has been changed to “Underdog”.

Hovers “Icarus IV” and “Icarus VII”

Now they can be installed both on the sides and at the front and rear of the armoured vehicle. And also from above and below. A build with this arrangement of chassis will constantly rotate along all three axes. A Battle ball!

Pulse cannon “Kaiju”

Decreased… Um, no. Reduced… No, not that either. Changed… Ugh. Skip!


Alex, don’t forget to remove this line when there’s no need for it. We want this to be a surprise.
Within 24 hours of the publication of this patchnotes, all cannons with limited rotation angles installed barrel backwards deal 200% more damage.

  • The news window is now displayed not only during each login to the game, but also after exiting each battle. What if you miss something important?

  • Now before entering the battle, the player is obliged to read at least three news items of the “Stories” category. Clicking the “Battle” button opens a browser window with the relevant publications. Do we write them for nothing?
  • There’s nothing wrong with the cover picture on the forum post with this news. Surprised?

  • Fixed a bug due to which Caligari’s car disappeared from the players’ garages after one of the updates. The reason? With the circus gone, the clowns must stay!


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